Saturday 23 February 2019

WARCON Ghent 2019 : Our Western Shootout game

Our western shoutout game was a bit different then the game of 2016 at Crisis Antwerp.

As I have many figures (prepared to much for the Crisis 2016 game), I wanted to create a version with more figures, which mend making teams of 4 figures. Teams of 4 figures means the time spend per figure should be reduced. Therefor the dicing for initiative and wounds were dropped.

Each team had a counterpart: Pinkertons, were opposed to trainrobbers, Lucky Luke and the army were facing the Daltons, etc. . In total I had made 8 teams. 4 lawmen teams and 4 "bandit" teams.

 4 teams (2 "good" guys , 2 "bad" gays)in a game were ideal. 

A game round consisted of a move turn , and an action turn.  The first player could move his figures, than the next player, counter clock wise. When every player had done his moves, each player diced with a D6 for the number of actions he could do : result +1 were the number of actions.

Actions could be : another move, shoot one bullet , change weapon, reload, throw a nife.Shooting , more than one bullet, was with reduced chance to hit.

Next round, it is the next player to go first, the first plauyer in the previous round thus comes last.

Changes in chance to hit or to save were with different dice types: from D4 up to D12.
A wound reduced the movement and chances to hit or save.

The leader of a team is knocked out on the fifth wound , the other team members on the third.  
I should have kept my first idea with the 4th and second wound to speed up the game.
All figures had a capacity to shoot,  to save or to fight. Some had additional talents.

Train and railroad station are scratch build by  Gilbert. Gallow by Steven.  A number of carts are from Ronny. 

The first game saw the Badoleros beat the Pinkerton detectives  And the Daltons (one last remaining) escape with their  mother and the booty that was hidden on the graveyeard.
The game had lasted about 3 hours.  A new game with fewer wounds per figures lastet one hour. Wyatt Earp had succeeded to bring the convicted to the gallow to be hanged, but "The Good" Clint Eastwood was able to cut the rope with a Lucky shot. A throw by, who else, Ronny : a 12 on a D12. It was also Ronny who killed Alexander in the Gaugamella gam with a Throw with one chance on 36.


Left to right, Ronny Gilbert Dirk Adrien/

The concept of teams was very pleasant.  The only thing to be corrected were the number of wounds, and more balanced capacities per team. to be continued!