Tuesday 17 October 2017

WHAT I NEED: a 54mm Pompom gun

Pom pom pom pom pom pom pom! 

Boer firepower, assistance asked for!

For my 1/32 Boer Army I want a Pompom gun in the same scale. 
I'm aware that there were items like that available but that's not the case anymore (as far as I can now research). 

Possibly someone in my toy soldiers network has one available or can supply a clue on where to get it from.

If you can be of any assistance in this quest I hope you will leave a message below this article.

Thank you!

YES< I FOUND ONE, or TWO. Now awaiting pictures with 54mm scale figs

beside it, for scale indication. These  will come from Australia. (27/10/2017)

... a 54mm Anglo-Boer War Pompom gun...

Pom pom pom pom pom pom pom pom pom pom pom pom..... 

Monday 16 October 2017

'Mer à Boire': French Foreign Legion vs Embattled British late Victorian Infantry

Pitched, head to head tabletop battles under my rooftiles, are always fun. But somehow, Stan and I most of the times end a conflict closer to a draw then that there's a conclusive victory for one of us. That made us think of a different deployment to start out with. This, combined with a terrific lot of Deetail FFL figures I was able to lay my hands on just a few months ago and the ready at hand ACTA British Zulu war infantry that were about to enter the painting table, made us plan a fictive North African skirmish around the availability of water: the well at the oasis of a fictive settlement: Achbukaar. British defenders behind the walls are significantly outgunned by the polyglot of FFL-ers.

Two of the three Geste brothers, making out a part of the attacking force.


A small British naval brigade unit, serviced a light field piece and a gatling-gun. 

We've used several types of buildings in the scenery. They all sort off look like possibly North African originated. Scales of urban elements is often smaller then 54mm but that gives us more room to play on.

Figurines are of all sorts of making. Britain's Deetail, ACTA, marvelous classic Cresent, some Timpo action pack and AIP men were on the table. Italeri, Replicants and Hat Zouaves act as light infantry French. 

Playmobil palms (and vulture), fishtank decoration, pieces of an old BIG (Jean Hoefler) castle, home made rocky outcrops, various wagons, barrels and other supplies makes the rest of the surroundings.

What are those AIP Boers doing here? Well, I just had them freshly in and wanted to give 'm a 'warm' welcome. In the game we'll treat them as a friendly militia, no more, no less.

Terrific stand-alone figures for 54mm table-top gaming. Hard to make them fall over. I was lucky to get hold of a serious amount of these FFL guys.

A classic Cresent firing line! These belong to my personal favorites!

Dawn-patrolling in the vicinity of the camp.

Mpfff... did I hear my name..?

Here they come sir....SIR..!

The French had the support of some hired desert tribe guns and two light foot artillery pieces.

I improvised the desert ground by longitudinally gluing three strips of brown wrapping paper to one other. Sprayed it with water diluted white glue and randomly threw several brown shades of sawdust and (used/dried) coffee over it. Let it dry.

It was so much fun that I did forget what the exact outcome was. We like to play it that way. What I do remember is the mounting losses on the French side. But their numbers must have counted in the end.

Sunday 15 October 2017

Plastic & Steel Affligem 14 October : Plataea 479 BC refight in 54mm - preparing Crisis 2017

We did  the battle twice.
First time Dirk, Steven and Ronny were the Greeks.
Siegfried, Thomas and Jeroen the Persians and allies.

First battle

The very good Osprey book 

The first battle, the other Greek  division was strong enough to keep the Indians and Egyptians bussy while the Corinthians helped the Athenians against the Thebans and Medes.
The Spartans rolled down on the Persians light lines and swepted them aside, except the immortals who were able to stop one Spartan unit, but were in the end also destoyed. The Persian cavalry made an outflanking move, but were not able to to tip the balance. Once the lifeguard unit was done, two Spartan units turned towards the already exausted Medes and the battle was over. A 2 hour and a half game

Second battle
We changed sides for the second battle
It was obvious the Persian light units were absolutly no match for the Elite Spartans. 
The tactcis should be changed.  The Persians now didn't defend in dept, but spread to make a wide front, while the Persian cavalry went against the Athenians. 
The Corinthians didn't come in support. Facing 3 divisions the Athenians didn't last. The Corinthians and other greek divisions took long to defeat the Indians an Egyptians and were to late to come to support. Further more, the Spartans were relcutant to advance fearing being outflanked. 
In the end, both the Persian and Spartan command were exhausted, with the Spartans in a better shape. But with the Medes and Thebans closing in and the remaing Greek commands far of, the Spartans were doomed.