Friday 26 March 2021

Napoleonic "Corona online" game in 54mm :1806 battle French against Saxons

Inspired by Nick and my friends of the Stipsicz-Hussars. I made a first test with players attending by a Messenger meeting. As Marcel from the Netherlands attended, it became even an international game. Apart from Marcel, Steven and Siegfried were present. To avoid to lose time working with a ruler, I did add "dots" on the carpet replacing hexagones. The dots being seperated by more or less 22 cm.
Each side had 6 units of infantry, one artillery battery and two units od medium cavalery.a general and 4 offiers. All the french were veterans, and had had one unit of légér, also one aide de camps. Marcel took the lead The Saxons had one unt of grenadier - veteran and Leibgarde grenadiers being elite. Steven decided to lead the Saxons The Saxons defended a crossroad with village.
The game started with Marcel advancing his first row line infantry in an oblique move to his left. The leger unit advanced on the village in skimish. Also the French dragoons avanced slowly. The advancing French lin infantry started to take some casualties from musketry and artillery fire, then swithced to line formation. The second row of line infantry also advanced. Fearing the effect of the leger unit on his infantry in the village, steven moved his grenadiers to the left. By now, the french line infantry also started with musketry, als inflicting casulaties on saxon line infantry. Then, Steven saw the moment come to lauch a cavalery attack with his cheveaux leger regiments. The French dragoons failed to counter charge, so it looked Stevens' moment had come. However this turned horribly wrong. Only inflicting one casualty, and receiving three, his charging unit was destroyed , his attached officer also lost. Also his charging infantry was thrown back. Suddenly Stevens' right flank was in deep trouble, his reserves being on his left flank. Now the French attacked. The Saxon chevaux leger stood firm, but lost half his stength. But Steven lost one unit of line infantry. To avoid distruction of his force, Steven had to admit the battle was lost and retreat was the only option. A two hour game, everyone very happy to have able to do a wargame. Marcel's view

Wednesday 17 March 2021

A Few More Alamo Photos

 If you'll indulge me, my friend Alan sent me some very nice photos of the Alamo game taken with his digital camera. He was able to get close up to the action in some shots.

Sunday 14 March 2021

Alamo Game in 54mm

 After a hiatus of half a year, we had our first club meeting, outdoors, wearing masks, yesterday. I had prepared my Alamo model, whose large size, I figured would encourage social distancing. The rules I used, called "Come and Take It" were originally published in the Courier Magazine Vol. IX, No.5. The rules heavily favor the Texian defenders. The Texians have 10 cannon and their riflemen hit on a 4-6 on a D6, so the Mexican columns have to brave a firestorm before getting to the walls. Once at the walls, the defenders continue to have a big advantage, as only one Mexican figure can climb a ladder and melee at a time. The Mexicans come in 3 waves, casualties recycled, and, realistically, the Texian firepower is reduced each wave. Still, you have to be something of a masochist to play the Mexicans, although you get the satisfaction of killing all the defenders in the end. Yesterday's game played typically and the four Mexican players took their loses in good stride. The Mexicans soon discovered that the corners of the fort were the most vulnerable and that's where they concentrated their attacks. But it was the west wall that saw the final Mexican breakthrough that spelled the end of the defense.

Monday 8 March 2021

Hät painted test figures Austrians 7YW and Napoleonics

I received the figures on Christmas Eve, so that was nice.

As it has been a bit hectic at work since October, time was scarce, but finally I succeeded in painting the figures.

As in august 2019  "I painted the figures as of the De Ligne regiment
Being Flemish, I have chosen this regiment as it was one of the three Regiments raised in the Austrian Netherlands, nowadays Belgium. Based in Gent/ Antwerpen.

I used the same facings for the Napoleonic figures but that's no longer the De Ligne rgt but the No 11 Graf Michael Wallis rgt, having the same facings and buttons.


Sunday 7 March 2021

Ongoing troubles at the Khyber

-A great day out in Covid times-

A fresh table setup with a load of plastics in their maiden battle. 

The men who would be king ruleset used in a iconic colonial setting: Pathans and Afghan regulars cross a British Naval detachment in the ‘Just passing by’ scenario no:1.
 Playmobil meets Armies in Plastic.

The scenario objective is to earn (more) points by bringing units over half strenght to the other table edge (lengthwise). Extra points for extinguised  units or their leaders. 
What seems like a simple setup can squeeze players into  a complex game of doubt and consideration.
How simple things can become complicated when opponents start ‘popping’ each other.

Order of battle


1 x 4 points small (8) Afghan reg. Inf. unit
1 x 3 points Afghan tribal Cav. unit
1 x 5 points reg. crewed weapon (small cannon)
4 x 3 points tribal Inf. unit

Total: 24 points


2 x 6 points naval brigade Inf. unit
1 x 6 points marines Inf. unit
1 x 6 points  crewed weapon (Gatling gun)

Total: 24 points