Tuesday 23 October 2018

The Russians are coming - WWII in 54mm

10 units of infantry

Supported by machine guns...
a 80mm mortar

Grenade throwers..


and the  PTRD 41: The Simple Soviet Antitank Rifle of WWII (>400.000 were produced)
It was very effective against teh side armour of Mark II and Mark IV tanks and was the main reason these type of tanks received extra side armour.

And artillery

and Flame Thrower

Officers,  commissars.....

And tanks. 

The blanks used in our About Pattons games. 

Wednesday 10 October 2018

Plastic & Steel 2018-10-06 : Battle of Isandlwana in 54mm

With our "club" president also being the president of IPMS Belgium (http://www.plasticandsteel.be/), we attended the Plastic & Steel 2018 show this time with a 54mm wargame representing the battle of Isandlwana. We used our "About Bonaparte" rule with the Zulu wars adaptations from the book, and included limited ammo for the British units.

16 six stands Zulu (12 figures) with one skirmish unit of 8 figures went for the kill. One unit was elite

They were facing 9 two stands British line infantry(veteran) , 6 units of two stands dismounted cavalry or auxillary units, 2 artillery batteries and 2 units of  Natal Native Contingent  4 stands each

Steven and Jeroen commanded  the Zulu army

Dirk (me) took control of the Brits

All my troops except the NNC had huge firepower, but limited ammo that could be replenished by the 2 members of the Army Service Corps.

The dismounted cavalry acted as skirmishers and performed very wel on the British left. One unit of Zulu was destoyed, dammage to another one, but they started to run out of ammo. They tried to retreat towards the main line but were caught and wiped out.

Their last stand

On the right the cavalry had jpined the main line; A first Zulu atempt was stopped two of their units lost with no British losses. 

It seemed with already 4 units lost, the Zulu attack would fail, against this wall of firepower.

The second wave however , due to my bad shoot dicing, came through and did hit the Red Line with devastating  result

The whole turn, the fire dicing didn't improve, the Zulu coming close in strenght.

The remaining British units were rounded up in the folowing turns.
History repeated.