Wednesday 19 July 2023

Introduction game: fictional Peninsular campaign battle in 54mm, July 2nd 2023

 Steven and I (Dirk) mounted a fictive Peninsular campaign battle as introduction for novice players Peter and Bruce, to lurn the About Bonaparte rules.

A British force was waiting for the attack of a French allied force (Frach/ Polish/ Bavarian/ Württenberger)  army.

The Brits had a lot of riflemen , part veteran, part elite.. The Franch had the W^rttenberger jâger as elite units. and one regiment of French was veteran.

On all flanks  th French allied force was able ot get a footold on the hilside, but lacked the reserves to follow up and defeat the British. While the Brits had still reseerves to plug the gaps. 

A British victory and fun game!