Monday, 22 August 2022

Quatre Bras 1815 game in 54mm with britains figures

Patrick VDB,  a veteran of our group, invited two possible new members, who happen to be Britains collectors. Patrick saw the opportunity to stage a Quatre Bras game.
New guy John meated with Patrick P and Adrien on the French side, while Patrick  VDB took the Brunswick and Dutch troops, and novice Philippe and Steven commanded the British - Hanoverian  units.
As expected, the French threw rather quickly the Brunswick force out of the farm and drove back the Dutch troops. 
The Hanoverian and British divisions were just in time to stall the French progress.
The French cavalry came on the scene
And also the British cavalry was present.
Due to lack of time, we did not manage to play till the end, but to give our novice players an impression of a cavalry battle we staged a big confrontation of the Britains  french and British cavalry
The Carabineers and Chasseur à Cheval units defeated the Britsch heavy cavalry, while on the other side the 3 units of British Hussars were to strong for the French Cuirassiers.

Monday, 15 August 2022

Sudan Skirmish Outdoor Game

 A friend who I hadn't played with for a long time hosted a Sudan game in his backyard last weekend. The rules were his own Terra Incognita company level colonial rules and we played with his superb 54mm Imperial Productions collection of metal figures. The Imperials' victory condition was to escort a wagon carrying a prisoner across the board and off the table edge, a distance of about 6 feet. To make life interesting, there were about a dozen markers dotted around the table and my friend, as GM, had his 3 young children roll dice to see where and which unit of natives would show up each turn. The Egyptian and Sudanese escort only made it a foot into the table when they were attacked at close range by a unit of fanatic Hadendowah. Egyptian volley fire wounded many, but the natives managed to close with the Egyptians and killed 1 and wounded 2 before they were driven off. Less than another foot into the table and a second unit of Hadendowah charged the Sudanese escort, but they were far enough away that the Sudanese, who were better shots than the Egyptians, were able to break the natives before they made contact. And so it went, the colonial troops making slow progress and fighting off attacks every six inches or so to the middle of the table where the last of the Egyptians were lost while dismantling a barricade across the road. It looked like all hope was gone for the colonials, but a small relief force of Britains Naval Brigade appeared at the far table edge and, with their superior firepower, helped take some of the pressure off the surviving wagon escort. Still, it was a nail biter down to the very end when the wagon finally made it off the edge of the table. It was a fun game with fast, easy rules and beautiful figures. What I really appreciated was being reminded of how much fun could be had with just a handful of colonial figures and several handfuls of natives - and the right scenario and rules.