Saturday, 31 October 2020

Second Indian Mutiny Game Using The Men Who Would Be Kings

 Another Indian Mutiny game from the Colonial Campaigns TMWWBK scenario book. My friend in Tucson Arizona and I played the Hindoo Rao's House game remotely from my living room. For the second time, the scenario book delivered an historical outcome. The forces began evenly matched with the British holding defenses on Delhi Ridge and the Mutineers poised to attack from the ruined village of Sabzi Mandi. My Mutineers began their attack in good order, but soon began to receive pins from the three British artillery pieces. Mutineer artillery replied and began to cause causalities among the defenders who decided to go onto the offensive and came out of their barricades. There were some heavy exchanges of small arms fire between the Ridge and the village. The Guides attempted to break into the Mutineer building that anchored their right flank and nearly succeeded. On the third turn, the British reinforcement force arrived in the shape of a unit of Punjab irregular rifles and a horse artillery gun and it made straight for the Mutineer left flank. On turn six, combined Mutineer casualties caused them to take a general rally check at -2 and that resulted in two routed units and two additional pinned units at which point we called the game. I, as the Mutineer commander could have placed my four pieces of artillery more efficiently, and could have concentrated my infantry attacks more efficiently too, so I think the scenario was well balanced. I am looking forward to trying another scenario soon.


Friday, 16 October 2020

More Photos of My Boxer Rebellion Game

 I hope I am not overstaying my welcome, but I wanted to share some additional photos of my game. Due to social distancing, I was not able to access all four sides of the game table and so I didn't get photos of whole sectors of the game. Thanks to my buddy Alan for taking the photos with his proper camera.

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

The army of the Farao, by Gilbert

Gilbert from Bruges, Flanders,  is a master converter. 
Here is his Egyptian army


Sunday, 11 October 2020

Boxer Rebellion Game in 54mm

 I ran a Boxer Rebellion game in 54mm at my local club yesterday using the classic Sword and the Flame rules. I can't vouch for the authenticity of the architecture. I relied heavily on aquarium scenery for the Asian look. The Legations were defended by Russians, French, Royal Marine Light Infantry, Austrians and US Marines. There was a unit of Marines on the Tartar Wall as well. The Boxers arrived in stages so they could not simply steamroll over the defenses. The Europeans were able to hold off the Boxer attacks, but had mounting sniper casualties. The game ended when the final all out Boxer assault was stopped at the barricades.