Thursday, 9 July 2020

Boer War Birthday Game

Yesterday was my birthday and I invited a good friend over for a Boer War game to celebrate the day and the completion of the excellent armoured train locomotive model from Imperial Miniatures. The game started off with the Boer Bitterenders  making a surprise mounted attack on a British supply depot. The picquet in the blockhouse was able to raise the alarm just before one group of mounted Boers leaped over the barricades. But the mounted Boers were unable to close with the Khakis and were forced to retreat away from the defenses where they dismounted and continued the attack. The other Boer force dismounted on the far side of the horse kraal, ready to steal the much needed supplies inside the camp. As the superior Boer marksmanship began to whittle down the British defenders, taking cover behind the supply wagons, an armoured train carrying a full platoon of Highlanders arrived on the scene and came to a stop opposite the kraal occupied by the Boers. This timely arrival of reinforcements put paid to the Bitterender plans and the Boers drifted back into the veldt, taking only a few captured horses and rifles with them.

Friday, 19 June 2020

Waterloo Photoshoot

I wasn't able to play a 54mm Waterloo game like I did last year, so I decided to pull out some recently acquired Napoleonic figures and set them up in a  little diorama. I have been adding to my collection of Prussians, so that I can do Waterloo properly, and I have been reading up on the desperate battle of Plancenoit and so I figured I'd use that as subject for my set up. I made some tombstones out of balsa wood and used my church converted from a craft store bird house to represent the churchyard at Plancenoit. The scene is set for the last stand of the Old Guard around 8:00 PM. Thanks to Adobe PhotoShop, I was able to add the fiery sky and the appropriate tint.

Sunday, 7 June 2020

D-Day Paratrooper Game

In honor of the 76th anniversary of D-Day, we played the BrĂ©court Manor Assault by Easy Co. 506th Regiment 101st Airborne as seen in the Band of Brothers TV series. We used Fistful of Lead skirmish rules. It's a challenge for the Americans to perform as well as their historic counterparts since they have to fire and advance, while the Germans can stay in place and fire twice or take aimed shots. In my game I only had enough German figures for three gun pits so I cut out the paratroopers' reinforcement squad that historically took out the fourth gun. There were thirteen Americans at the start, including two LMG teams, who played little part in the game after the initial assault. The Germans started with nine gunners divided between three gun pits and one LMG team. They were reinforced by six infantrymen and another LMG. The Americans easily took the first gun but ran into stiff resistance on the second. When we called the game, both officers (Winters and Compton) had been killed and the attackers were stalled on the second gun. 

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

More from David

David has sent me some more pics. He is not only doing 54mm, and has some more eye candy.
He has is making units for an Alexander the Great game with my "About Caesar" wargame rule.

David: "I've finished my Persian infantry - just have the levies to do.
It's s great hobby and although I game in various scales. I love 54mm, I now have 2 scythed chariots and 1 command chariot for my Persians "

Sunday, 31 May 2020

"About Cromwell" game by David Lycett

I met David Lycett on Facebook where he posted a photo of the chariot of Darius III : link 
and a great unit of   Iphicratian Hoplites based for "About Caesar": link
He also uses the "About Bonaparte"  and also "About Cromwell", for which I'm truely honoured.

This is an "About Cromwell" game.

David's figures are a joy to look at.

David : "Of course you can use the photos on your blog. I'm quite flattered thst you want to use them. And It's a great way to demonstrate the use of your rules and unit organisations.
The movement trays/sabots are great for moving the whole units and keep them safe.
I use those Really Useful Boxes, put metallic paper on the bottom of them, then put metal paper underneath the sabots and this helps with keeping the figures safe and handy for transport.

Both games went more or less the same way. At the beginning of the games, my cavalry did brilliant work against the enemy, only to be defeated and routed later in the game.
My infantry also stood up well to begin with, only to be overwhelmed by the end of the game - I lost both games!!!!!!!!
But they were great fun, so That's all that matters!"