Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Crisis 2015 preparation game - LOTR - The Battle of Dender Crossing

Preparing the participation game we will bring at Crisis2015, we played our last preparation game.
The rulebook, a limited number of copies, for private use and for Crisis the event only , was ready also.
 A last addition was wizards could use a limited number of spels drawn from a deck of cards.

Scenario was a strong evil army would try to force an entry into the good side heartland by taking the bridge at Dender Crossing. Waiting for them was a coalition army of dwarfs, elves and humans.
On the evil right wing, Kristof had an army of Easterlings and Uruk Hai, Alberik had in the centre a strong orc force with artillery (scorpion) and with an Haradrim force containing a mumakil unit. Adrien had an large force of goblins, containing 3 units with a mountain troll. 
On the good right Thomas had the Rohan army of infantry and cavalry, reinforced by NĂºmenorians.

I stood in the centre with Gondorian infantry a unit of cavalry and a ballista and with on their left a Elves army. The left was commanded by Siegfried with a Dwarf army with an Ent/hHobbit unit.

The Evil side took the initiative with the wargs in the centre closing in on the Elves and Gondorians.
They did little damage but did pin down the Good centre close to the bridge while the close combat units made good progress. Also the mumakil closed in fast.  The wargs did even putting the ballista in danger. The Gondor bowmen were able to chase of the warg unit being the threat. reinforced by a spell that also upgraded the ballista for one turn. With an incredible good fortune throw the ballista destroyed the mumakil unit. Also the Elves bowmen made a great number of  casualties between the Uruk Hai and orcs. Kristof started to despair after one game turn. But the luck didn't last. 

The Rohan cavalry, against all odds, didn't break through the skirmish lines of goblins and suffered heavily under the blows of the mountain troll units.

It were the battle trolls in the centre that made the difference. They smashed through the first line of Elves and Gondorians. Spells on both sides didn't change the outcome. The battle trolls pushed every resistance aside.
The Dwarfs and NĂºmenorians send to the centre came too late to save the Elves and Gondorian army.

A great Evil victory.

Friday, 9 October 2015