Thursday, 4 April 2019

WOI air combat

Adrien has developed a game for WOI air combat based on Wings of War.
He has added altitude and more complex damage system, as well as 3 movments in one go.

 2French (Adrien)and 2 Belgian planes (Tim) were facing 4 Germans.( Fabian & Dirk)

One Belgian plane was shot down in a combined effort of the Red Baron and another Geramn fighter. One German plane went down also.
The game ended when the second Belgian plane and one of the French planes collided mid air, while the remaing French was to dammaged to continue. A German victory

All planes painted by Adrien,and wath a great job he as done!


54mm Castle diorama by Joseph Svec

"While none of my dioramas are “permanent” (scenery or figures glued in place), I do tend to leave them set up for long periods of time, and enjoy looking at them and envisioning playing out various scenarios in my mind. Looking at different outcomes depending on different directions it could go. When it it is time to take it down, we do play out a war game on a very, very basic level, but it is great fun!

Here are some closeups of the castle siege."
Thank you,

Thanks Joseph.  Very nice scenery and setup. Dirk

Saturday, 30 March 2019

Battle of Sierra Ninové 1811 - A fictive battle of the Peninsular War

A French-Italian force had taken a strong position  around the town and bridge of Sierra NinovĂ©.
They were attacked by a Allied force of British  and a Portugese- Spanish troops.

Patrick & Geert took the French Italian Force.
Steven and Dirk the Allies.

Geert went for the agressive aproach. end did send his dragoons to charge repeatedly.
As the results were much flags (that eleminated each other) , there was not much movement apart from these charges.

For the Brittish as for the Portugese - Spanish force, terrain was not favorable, as im much limited the movment possiblities . The Brittish were completly stuk behind rocks and woods. For the Portugese-Spanish in a lesser degree.

On the left, Steven was able to push back the French line, but at a (to) high price. . Not enough reserves left to exploit the situation and take the town.


The Brits, Unable to deploy properly, were decimated with musketry  losing their numerical superiority in the process.

Without view on victory, the Allied  force had no other option then to retreat.

H.G. Wells, War of the Worlds diorama - By Joseph Svec

 The tripods are scratch built from wood and copper wire, made to look like something from that era. The British troops are hand painted 54mm Call to Arms, Boer War infantry. The Martian figures in the below photos are from a Japanese company, and are based on illustrations from the 1890’s edition of the book.
Here are more photos.
I originally made the 8’x2.5’ diorama for a bookstore window a few years ago and then brought it home and recreated it in my hobby room.

Monday, 25 March 2019

54mm dioramas by Joseph Svec - California

Joseph Svec from California, a 54mm figures fan did send me pics of dioramas he made.

The first 4 are imspired by the 2011  Three Musketeers movie.

Next thee are a Waterloo diorama:

"Here are photos of my Waterloo diorama with 300 painted 54mm figures and about 78 horses. The farm walls are homemade foam, while the buildings are by Playmobil and Simba, both German companies.

Most figures are Supreme 54mm painted Napoleonic British, French and Russian, plus 16 reissue painted Airfix and Timpo Highlanders. (and 1 reissue Cherilea highlander to make it an even 300 figures.)

The center cavalry charge is inspired by that famous painting of the Scots Grey Cavalry  charge."

Next an intriguing picture : "Also included is one picture of my 54mm H.G. Wells, War of the Worlds diorama.
I hope you enjoy the photos. 

Thank you,

Thanks Joseph saring us you great pictures and hope you will start wargaming with them!