Monday, 3 June 2019

Any Game Plans for D-Day 75?

I am going to play a skirmish game between US Paratroopers and German Wehrmacht. I'll post photos. Two photos from previous WW2 games:

Friday, 17 May 2019

Boxer Rebellion Game in 54mm

Last Saturday I ran a Boxer Rebellion game at my club. I used The Men Who Would Be Kings (TMWWBK) rules. The scenario was based on Last Train from Yang Tsun by Bill Hogan, published in issue #119 of the Midwest Wargamer's Association Newsletter (MWAN). The scenario had a mixed European force rescuing civilians and guarding them while their train took them off board. Each country in the rescue force had their own agenda, which was kept secret from the other groups. Similarly, the Chinese regulars and Kansu Braves had their own agenda: to stop the train and take hostages, while the Boxers just wanted to kill Europeans and burn down the train station. The Chinese army had one ancient cannon which could slow down the train. The Kansu Braves managed to push a lumber cart across the railroad tracks just before the train got off the board which forced the locomotive to stop. Just as the Kensu's and regulars where about to attack the train, a relief force of Bengal lancers and Sikhs arrived to save the civilians. The scenario was originally designed using The Sword and the Flame, but it played quite nicely with TMWWBK.

Waterloo 1815 in 54mm by Mark

Hi Dirk.
I thought I would send a couple more photos of figures.
I've not mentioned the scenery before, apart from the buildings I have made all of the scenery. The roads, trees and all the other bits and pieces. Making the scenery as actually a really enjoyable process. The roads were meant to be a modular set, but I used off cuts that I had lying around and just made it up as I went along, so it's not really modular after all. The trees are a hotch pot of bits from different manufacturers that have bonded well together to form pretty good trees and of a good height as well. The tall ones are mostly about 9/10 inches tall (20/25 cms). I was a bit obsessive and have ended up with about 80 of them. The price of the foliage I use has gone up considerably so I probably won't make anymore.
That's it for now.

Sunday, 12 May 2019

54mm battles : Napoleonics, ACW, WWII by Mark

I have received these pics from Mark (Musselle?) from the UK who is also a big 54mm fan.
His figures are fantastic in finishing and the scenery is superb.

His message:

Hi. I enjoy your blog and share the same passion for 54mm figures on a grand scale. I thought I would share some photos of my 54mm figures with you. Napoleonics are my main area of collecting and WW2 and ACW come in second.
About 90% of the figures are metal and of them all I have painted about 50/60% of them myself.
I hope you like them.
Thank you.


Wednesday, 8 May 2019

The second Anglo-Boer War in 54mm: The Guerrilla Raid

"Do they know it's Christmas-time at all"

It's winter 1899. The Boer forces just ended the fighting at Colenso with a victory over the Commonwealth troops. But at tremendous costs. Orange-Freestate is drained for supplies. The coming up Christmas celebrations will be poor amongst the commandos in the field and the hard pressured Boer homesteads.

Commandant Christiaan de Wet's field forces scout out the entire region. Their intelligence pin point a recently erected British supply depot at the rail crossroads at Springfontein. They make camp in the vicinity of Spitskop, Northwest of the target, with quick advance route possibilities through Waterkloof. The plan is a hit and run attack. Grab as many supplies, arms and ammunition as possible in the shortest possible time. Commonwealth mounted infantry is patrolling the whole area constantly and armored trains, crowded with fresh khaki troops, ride to and fro, unscheduled.    

 How it all started

Postings on this blog can travel all over the world. That's how Nick (Stern) read one of my previous publications on the Boer War subject. He advised me a scenario from the Wargaming Magazine and on my request, did send it by email. It took me some time to get enough 'men'power to play the piece in it's full extend. 
Every (school)holiday Stan and I try to plan one gaming day with each other. This recent one was no exception to that rule and with that perspective he visited me last Friday.

Fog of War

Yes.. true, it took me a long time to finish this article. Sadly, in the meantime the medium where I kept my pictures from this tabletop battle, has crashed. Though it is not given up completely its gonna cost me. Hope to receive retrieved data, including the photographs I need to complete this text. When that moment arrives I will just do that. Alas.. I'll publish as it was, for now. Sorry guys!

Thursday, 4 April 2019

WOI air combat

Adrien has developed a game for WOI air combat based on Wings of War.
He has added altitude and more complex damage system, as well as 3 movments in one go.

 2French (Adrien)and 2 Belgian planes (Tim) were facing 4 Germans.( Fabian & Dirk)

One Belgian plane was shot down in a combined effort of the Red Baron and another Geramn fighter. One German plane went down also.
The game ended when the second Belgian plane and one of the French planes collided mid air, while the remaing French was to dammaged to continue. A German victory

All planes painted by Adrien,and wath a great job he as done!