Sunday 28 December 2014

Austrians vs Württenbergers in a 1809 fictional battle (26/12/2014)

We played a battle with the figures of Siegfried.
He and his brother Jochen were the Austrians, in the offsensive against A Württenberger force defending a village, played by me (Dirk) and Ronny. 
Ronny defended the village itself with 3 battalions of line infantry  and one of elite jägers. My troops consisted of 4 line battalions and of elite jägers.

 The Austrian force was on the right against the village: Jochen with 3 battalions of veteran grenadiers and 2 light cavalry Hussar regiments. Siegfried had 5 battalions of line infantry.
 Notwithstanding the small forces the game took almost 2 hours of play, due to very tactical fighting.

 The grenadiers went in the offensive against the village, but the leading battalions took losses from skirmish fire and rom the units in the buildingds and had to fall back after a while, but not before the Würtenberger jägers were driven back into the village.

I had deployed my jägers on the hill with an attached office. Siegfried, as a counter messure did send 2 battalions up hill and advanced with his other units towards my lines.  I was in a comfortable situation. The only thing that bothered was the cavalry that was a constant threat.

 My jägers kept the 2 oposing units bussy, inflicting flags, but not much losses.
But Jochen did send also one unit of grenadiers my way.  Ronny did  charge a weakend grenadier unit with his elite jägers that had reforemed to battle column, but notwithstanding the much higher number of dice only inflicted two casulaties and receveiving the same number. The next round the jägers were targeted by all the grenadier units reducing the unit to 3 figures.  On my side the firing casulaties were in balance. 

Finaly the Austrians played their gamble with a cavalry charge, which had a negative result for me, with higher casulaties my unit driven back. I was able to restore my defensive line, but the situation was deteriorating.  I had to gamble myself: attaching my general to the only unit in full stength and making a charge: A catastrophical outcome: my general had fallen. A renewed cavalry charge agaisnt one of my units resultated in the destruction of the charged unit and the supporting unit driven of the field. My command was broken, the battle lost.  Ronny leaving the cover of the buildings with his units far to late to make a difference. 

Conculsion: I a was beaten with my own tactics: creating a superiority in numbers while keeping a large force of the oponenet pinned with infirior numbers. Ronny stayed to long in the cover and should haven attacked the weakend grenadiers in full strenght but mostly my mistake not the advised him to to this.

Sunday 21 December 2014

Merry Christmas to all, including Legionaires!

3 days at Christmas and I would like to do so my best wishes to all of you who share my passions and, why not, I would do it with photos of one of the first battles rebuilt for fans of Lucca Comics.
I know, as a Christmas card miss the snow, but it is still dedicated to all those who love this hobby.

Immersion method in the Army Painter

Line of fire.

The lords of the desert.

Horses are my weakness ...

The Arabs are preparing ...

The village of the ambush.

I don't like the immersion, this is the first and last time. after I return to classic paint methods.
From the rooftops the devastating attack.

The cavalry arrives behind.

the hand is not mine, sorry ...
Toy soldiers are Armies in Plastic.
I love old movies in black and white, perhaps the age? Remember Beau Geste with Gary Cooper?

The situation is now serious.

Legionaries to the charge!

Good times! The classic adventure, I understand Marcel!

How will it end?
Of course, even with my best wishes from Italy:

Vrolijk Kerstfeest en Gelukkig Nieuwjaar !!!

Monday 15 December 2014

Amnesty for Lost Legionairs, Johnny Reb's and Yanks!

Between Algiers and Fort Zinderneuf

Since we know that these blog messages are read by figurofoob people only, I have a request to you.

At this moment I'm searching for obsolete figures from 1/72 foreign legion sets and American civil war sets.

Obsolete can be loose figs, painted figs, without boxes figs, partly damaged figs, all brands if 1/72!
Below are some examples of possible original packages/boxes. Boxes are NOT needed. I just want Foreign Legion figs. and ACW figs.

 Playsets contain opposing armies + a building (here: a desert fortress). Remains of these are welcome too!

'Voila, le boudin'

Contact me: -Beau Geste- by personal mail or through the comment here below!

Saturday 13 December 2014

Pirates game in 54mm . Lt Hornblower vs the Spanish

The game was actually a raid of English marines and sailors on a Spanish harbour somewhere in the West-Indies.

The houses and a storehouse.

 The gouvernor house 
 Spanish sailors 

 The English sailors closing in.

 Lt Hornblower and the marines forming a firing line.

 Musketry exchange from the ships
The 1st version proved to be to deadly in firing. The marines were knocked out before coming close to the buildings. Also movement rates should be raised.