Wednesday 29 April 2015

Operation Torch: Oran 8 November 1942. - 54mm game

Hierbij onze "beleving" van de landingen aan de Noord-Afrikaanse kust, door de Amerikanen tegen de "Vichy-Fransen"
De Amerikanen kregen in de eerste beurt 5 scheepsartillerieschoten "cadeau"! In  onze eerste sessie: een slachting: 3 van de 4 zware Franse Artillerie kapot en een voltreffer op het overblijvende personeel! De Fransen konden het toen al vergeten!
Daarna 1 schot zware artillerie (van op ons "slagveld" niet aanwezige scheepsartillerie!) per beurt. Met de rest van de Franse artillerie als tegenvuur.
De gevolgen waren desastreus! De Franse stellingen werden één na één uitgeschakeld, meestal met zware verliezen voor hen.
Bij de tweede golf kwamen de Shermans eraan, en ofschoon antitank gebruikt werd tegen alles, tot infanterie toe, konden de Fransen het niet houden en werden vernietigd!
"Mijn" Amerikanen staken het mijnenveld over met een minimum aan verliezen, terwijl in een volgend spel vrijwel de ganse eerst golf "overlevenden" eraan gingen! In het 2e spel kwamen zelfs amtracks (die er toen nog niet echt waren) en de meeste landingsboten niet eens aan, of werden de voertuigen aan boord immobiel en dus onbruikbaar geschoten, van een scherpschutter gesproken! (of van deze met de "beste" dobbelstenen!) Zware artillerie hadden de Fransen (ik dus) in deze ronde niet te vrezen, aangezien de dobbelstenen mijn kant hadden gekozen! Op een bepaald ogenblik gingen mijn Franse troepen zelfs in de aanval om een antitankkanon aan te vallen, dat op wonderbare wijze het mijnenveld had overleefd!
Enfin,  in het eerste spel gingen de Fransen er vrij gemakkelijk aan, en in de tweede ronde ronde gingen de Ami's er, soms met volle landingsboten, ineens aan!
Al met al een leuke bloedige namiddag waarbij weer eens bewezen werd dat de dobbelstenen het spel maken!

Ronny & Gilbert (uit Brugge)
Troepen, decor en spelregie door Gilbert, de regels een beetje à la Dirk, P L E Z A N T !!

the day after Salute 2015 : the final battle of our 1809 campaign "Storm over Bavaria" in 54mm

First serie of pics

Walls of Regensburg


For my wartable (winter landscape), I need some camp fires and houses that are on fire. That's why I went looking for information to make it. The following link may be interesting for someone who wants to make something too.

Sunday 26 April 2015

De Pinte again Focus of Fierce 54mm Fighting

Top of the bill Wargame at Bart's

It can not be mentioned too often: a fine day of wargaming stands or falls with the hosting of it.
Today, Sunday 26 of April 2015 PMCD was a joy again! A great day out.

Bart, you and your dear family, thank you for the hospitality!

The prelude to this confrontation (campaign log) can be read here:

The city of Regensburg seen from the East side of the fighting, where the Wurtemberger high-command is situated in a walled farmstead.

Without giving away the result of the final, campaign battle: a few images of the immense table and hundreds of 54mm's figures, depicting the 'Storm over Bavaria: 1809'.

French elite skirmishers in the woods. Trying to pick-off Austrian officers and musicians.

From the walls of the city of Regensburg, manned by veteran Bavarian infantry units.
High Command of both sides will await the dramatic reports of their subordinate officers to conclude this episode of fanaticism, fought to the very last breath, blood and ball!

A more complete report on this battle, will be published later on by game master, campaign manager and game rules author Mr. Donvil. 

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Napoleon, The trip to Russia 1812

Dear friends. My winter landscape or front is almost finished. 
Now I have to adjust my figures for winter. Examples you see below (still unpainted).

Starving soldiers in retreat with a temperature of minus 28 degrees

Of course, I also must pay attention to the retreat across the Berezina. 

At a later stage, I will also make 
two bridges for senario Beresina.
Then my front is ready for wargame.

Two people who have made this journey are Sergeant Bourgogne and Joseph Abeel.
Reports can be read in the diaries of them. Definitely worth reading.



Saturday 18 April 2015

Great GALLIPOLI battle scene + NEW PHOTO

Movie director Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings, King Kong, the Hobbit) is a toy soldier fanatic too.
He had the Perry twin's sculp him large forces of both ANZAC soldiers and their opponental Turkish forces. 

Here's an article on his latest enterprise with these:

Happy toy soldiering!

Thursday 16 April 2015

2009 -2015 : 206 year ago , a storm raged over Bavaria, exactly this period of the year - on 26/04, we will play the end game of our own 1809 campaign.

The Austrian (Corps I and II)could choose where to attack. and opted to attack both in the south. (yellow and orange)
A Bavarian division in Cham retreated back towards Regenburg when confronted by the  Austrian supperior numbers. An French division(dark blue ) in Wezenbach fought the first battle against an Austrian division and stood ground. Two days later a second Austrian attack was succesfull. But in the meanwhile the Bavarian division (light blue) was heavely defeated in Doneaustauf, and retreated ...towards Wezenbach, Where it arrived in the middle of the second battle of Wezenbach., sustaining heay cassulaties, as did the French . The victorious Austrians in Doneaustauf pushed furhter towards Regenburg, but where countered by The Württenbergers (green).

Now The Saxons, red, the second french division (also dark blue) all arrived in Regensburg. combined uith the forces already there, outnumber the Austrians, notwithstanding the heavy losses in the previous battles. The Austrians have to attack..Will they be successfull?

Want more info : just make a comment, or mail at

Friday 10 April 2015



Fierce urban warfare along the Donau

Where French and German allied forces, hang into balance with their Austrian/Hungarian opponents, the long foreseen fighting over Regensburg is thought to take to the streets of this medieval city itself.
When the Habsburgians take the main bridge over the river it will prove to be a setback in months if not years for the French cause. It is not unthinkable that the Rhine States will show turncoats and hundreds-of-thousands of good fighting men put their faith and trust in the mustached Emperor in White. Alas, behold the current of the river Donau at Ratisbon!

See you all soon: fellow campaigners, supporters, absent-friends, toy pushers, game umpires, plastic men, organizers, hosts, drink bringers, drink boozers, just lookers, battle winners and day losers.  

Please bring your good mood and lucky (dice) hand!