Thursday, 9 July 2020

Boer War Birthday Game

Yesterday was my birthday and I invited a good friend over for a Boer War game to celebrate the day and the completion of the excellent armoured train locomotive model from Imperial Miniatures. The game started off with the Boer Bitterenders  making a surprise mounted attack on a British supply depot. The picquet in the blockhouse was able to raise the alarm just before one group of mounted Boers leaped over the barricades. But the mounted Boers were unable to close with the Khakis and were forced to retreat away from the defenses where they dismounted and continued the attack. The other Boer force dismounted on the far side of the horse kraal, ready to steal the much needed supplies inside the camp. As the superior Boer marksmanship began to whittle down the British defenders, taking cover behind the supply wagons, an armoured train carrying a full platoon of Highlanders arrived on the scene and came to a stop opposite the kraal occupied by the Boers. This timely arrival of reinforcements put paid to the Bitterender plans and the Boers drifted back into the veldt, taking only a few captured horses and rifles with them.