Sunday, 27 November 2022

Battle of Eperondor - Epic LOTR battle played on 11/11/22


  The city of Eperondor came under siege by a combined force of Evil, The latter consiting of 3 forces lead by Mark, Alberik and Thomas. Forces in the city were lead by Steven, the relief force of elves was in command by Peter, and Dirk commanded the one of dwarfs and Rohan Humans.


The goblin army of Alberik tried to gain foothold into the city, and at one moment forced their way into the gatehouse, but were driven back by Stevens elite warriors.

The dwarf /Rohan force was confronted by an uruk -hai veteran pike force and were for the major part of the game unable to force a crossing of the brook.

The easterlings of Thomas' army charged the elves, but sustained heavy losses by the exelent arching of the elves. 
Mark, from the other side of the brook, sended part of his orc force to relief the presure on Thomas his army, and also the major part of Alberiks Goblin army also came this way. The elves came under presure.

Also Thomas tried to force an enty into the city with his battle orc unit, but didn't succeed.

Wizards tired to use spels to influence the battle.

Rohan infantry finaly were able to cross the brook, making room for the cavalry to enter the fight.

Alberik command his wargs to counter this threath, but in the end were destoyed.

The elves were holding out, while Thomas force running further into trouble with Stevens troops pouring out of the city gate

The uruk-hai had forced back the dwarfs and crossed the brook beating the dwarfs further back.

But the other armies of evil had had to much casualties to continue to fight.

The Evil amry started a heasty retreat.
Thanks to all players involved for the great fair play spirit arround the table and many thanks to Bart for the hospitality for this great 4 hours game.

We used the rule "About Kings and heroes", the clubs fantasy version of "About Caesar".