Thursday 19 December 2019

Punic wars battle in 54mm

Twelve years ago, we played are first ancients battle thanks to Hät having launched their Punic War figures in 54mm. :
Most of the figures are from Steven. For the occasion he also brought his metal Hät figures .

Once again, it was a Carthagenian victory. But instead of the center, it was the Carthagenian right flank with the skrimish infantry and light cavalry that forced the result.

The Roman cavalry on the left tried to capture the African light cavalry, the latter retreating behind the skirmish infantry.  Now exposed to the fire of the skirmish infantry and light cavalry. The Roman cavalry started to take casualties.

The elephant in the center charged at some skirmishers in difficult terrain. A mistake. 

To stabelize the left Siegfried did send his principes to the flank, creating a weakend centeer.

The weakedn elephant unit was destroyed by the hastatii

The center became a bloody afair. 

The Roman ally light infantry and roman cavalry kept the Gaul cavalry, an elephant and Iberian light infantry at bay.

The right flank principes now came face to face with Hanibals elite carthaegian infantry, the triarii in support.

But the consul on the left took the lead of an hastati unit trying to reverse his changes.
But he perished in the process, the Roman left collapsing thereafter.