Friday, 26 September 2014

Hattin Project: More foot Saracens

Jarwajaraya & Bedouin Infantry

In support of the huge Muslim cavalry (Saracen Faris) force, footmen are needed to beef up most of their pressing actions. I have mainly figures from former Spanish firms Jecsan and Reamsa. Years ago I restarted collecting figures (my son was just born) around the few Timpo crusader swoppets I could find remaining on my parents loft. This  humble saracen force is now cleaned and sprayed in four basic colors to introduce some recognizable discrepancies, enabling easy game play. Here, four additional infantry units of 8 men and a foot officer are thus produced. Contrary to Deetail Turks/Saracens who are heavily armored, this pack has no or only light protection against Frankish steel. NOTE: painting on these is not in final stage. This is work in progress!

The light blue

The red

The black

Black close-up

The white

More units round the bend

This Disney Production figure was ample converted and subsequently painted
 into a Muslim infantry-officer.

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