Sunday, 1 March 2015

Mini tanks game

An unplanned last minute game on 20/02/2015.

The "young ones" - Siegfried and Jochen played against the "old boys", Patrick  and Dirk.

The youngsters played the Germans agaisnt, us, the Russians.

The Germans were outnumbered but had the better tanks and all veteran status.

Patrick was positioned against Siegfried, Me against Jochen.

Siegfried positioned the majority of his tanks on the flank. Patrick in the center.

For the others, they evenly distributed their forces.

A card system controlled the initiative.

Siegried played agressively and cruched Patricks wing, while in the center Patricks forces were bogged down by a stug and  2 Elephants of Siegfried, supported by Panthers and MarkIV 's of Jochen. 

With my Grants joining in, the German center was annihilated, Patrick sended his remaining T34 towards his flank but arriving to late.

On the Russian right, I performed a statisical impossible bad dicing, combined with being not agrissive enough, saved the day for Jochens outnumbered force, resulting in a German victory.


  1. Nice and big battlefield. I'm not familiar with WWII rules but it seems, it's was an very exciting fight.
    Nice work everyone!

  2. it was very intense! thanks! A very simple rule. Will publish the playing sheet.