Saturday, 6 June 2015



  1. Hi Peter,
    you find a amazing new game for battlefield, but I am divided: my head say no!, my heart say yes!
    I would see the effect of the lights with units in 54mm after...I buy it in any case!
    Sorry, I am a crazy old man with many passions. One of these is toy soldiers collection and it is very strong!

  2. Hi Massimo,
    I did not see your post. Are you on facebook too? You learn to know the people who also do wargame. Crazy old man? No! You obviously have the same passion as me. (I put my nose always in a new box with plastic soldiers in connection with the scent). That's crazy! thanks for your comment.

  3. I'm afraid the cottonwool 'wall' (giving the actual effect) will have to be too high with use of 54mm figs. Opposing that; my recent 20mm Spanish and Lowlands armies will benefit optimally as they are smaller compared to the 25 and 28mm used in the warlord advertising campaign. But guys.... it's 10 pounds Sterling each! and need fitting groundwork for your troop too.