Friday, 9 October 2015

Crisis Antwerp 2015: November 7th : big, bigger , bigest show on the continent!! We will be there with a LOTR participation game.

Our LOTR participation game is on g7a1 .
one game in the morning, one in the afternoon 10 players.
Games will take about 2 hours.

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  1. Hi Dirk,
    good luck for your participation in the new Crisis, I'm sure it will be another success for your rules, although I would have preferred a major reconstruction on the themes of Waterloo but you know, Napoleonic Wars are my weak point.
    I saw also that the Caliver will attend the event, I would recommend to you to ask Dave to his intentions on future editions of About in the various translations, for to understand although About Patton will have a chance to get out in Italian. in any case, it remains to me only to express to you my total envy for this new adventure on fantasy battlefield to which I can only answer with my Lucca Comics and Games 2015, at the end of month, a great exibition in my city with all the themes of intelligent entertainment.
    Ciao a tutti and have fun!