Sunday, 27 December 2015

Dutch Revolt: Staats leger vs Spanish late Emperial in 20mm Revell models

Con Honores  de Batalla

Third Christmasday in the Netherlands. Times for a good old-fashioned tabletop battle. Used the About Cromwell rules (author Dirk Donvil). Not 54mm this time but 'did we not all have 'm once' 1/72 plastic figures by Revell and House of Campaign. Pictures can be seen here:

in my The Batavian: painted toy soldiers Facebook community page. 

Thanks to Stan for his opposing capabilities, Peter for some additional scenic elements and Dirk & friends for their inspiration. Massimo, a warm and special thanks to you for the nice fortress sculpture that Stan brought me, in your name, from the horrible fields of Waterloo last summer!


  1. I really enjoyed looking at your facebook page, some great conversions there, many thanks, Brian

  2. I really enjoyed looking at your facebook page, some great conversions there, many thanks, Brian

  3. Great game and pics. Nice scenery. On the picture of the blog: is that fortune coming from heaven (golden coins!!)?

    1. Ha, ha.. no Dirk.. it is the illumination of our Christmas tree, just out of focus of the cameralens. My scenery is very basic. I've a few plans concerning new scenery topics but did not have the time to materialize. I'd like to build me a pair of farmsteads in a crossroads setting 18th cent style. Made the 54mm version in a rudimental manner already. A smaller version (25 & 20mm) in the pipeline.

  4. Hello everyone,
    finally my little gift has arrived!
    I thank Stan but I realized that even the Dutch group will not meet as often!
    I would also like to specify that what looks like a fortress is actually the city of Lucca, which has walls (a time travel by car) long a little more than 4 km. the first wall, of which nothing remains, dating back to the Roman Empire, and the third circle, on the basis of the walls of Renaissance, has been improved directly by Elisa Baciocchi, Duchess of Tuscany until the exile to Elba Island of her brother Napoleone Bonaparte, in 1814. I know you'd rather toy soldiers, but this was to be only a homage to remember "my" Italia in what must have been a first meeting with friends of PMCD Mobilisatie Group in my tour for Waterloo Bicentennial. I hope to meet you in another moments, perhaps in your tour in Tuscany, under the Walls of Lucca...
    But now it's time to make my biggest New Year's greetings to you and Stan for a peaceful 2016 rich in positive events and why not? Of hundreds of toy soldiers and great battles!
    Tanti, tanti auguri per un buon 2016 a tutti gli amici del PMCD Mobilisatie!!!