Saturday, 2 January 2016

Wanted: Revell 1/72 SevenYearsWar (SYW) figuren: wanted!

1st: A very Happy New Year to All

Friends, dear opponents and readers of this blog: In my enthusiasm of painting and building with the Revell 20mm figs. I've decided to start some SYW projects too. As you can guess I need this network to gain my sufficient figures as they are no longer available with regular shops or web suppliers. 

What I initially hunt for now: complete sets, partial sets, painted figs. and loose figures from these below shown sets. Some other sets (FIW British for example) are useful too, since these fought on the European continent in the same time. French units from other brands are welcome all the same!

I hope this medium will again show very lucrative to ask for help in matters like these.

I can be easily contacted by means of my Facebook page titled:

The Batavian: painted toy soldiers


  1. Beste Marcel ik heb nog van die Pruisische infanterie liggen

  2. Dat zou mooi zijn Siegfried. Waar maak ik jou evt.blij mee?



  3. Heb nu nog met iets meer urgentie de Oostenrijkse Dragonders nodig. Daarvan heb ik nu slechts een kleine hoeveelheid.