Tuesday, 15 March 2016

LOTR Game: The battle of Warcon - Wargaming convention Warcon 2016

Warcon: very good new location with lot of possibilities. Great show

Our game: 

Good side:

Ronny on the right Elves and hobbits
Steven in the centre: Rohan infantry and cavalry
Adrien on the left: Gondor
Adrien and Steven were defending Warcon village.

 Evil side:

Right Luc: Goblins with mountain trolls
centre right Maxence Uruk-hai army
centre left: Geert: Orcs.
left : Siegfried wargs and Harradine including mumakil

 Siegfried and Geert immediately went into the offensive.
Maxense struggled with bad command dicing and the difficult terrain he was facing.
Luc was prudent because notwithstanding his numerical superiority had poor class units, facing the Elite Numenoreans.

Steven was able to stop Geert with his archers and with a spell brought the battle troll orc unit in trouble but wasn't able to destroy it with his cavalry.
The wargs charged the left part of the elves army . An elves unit did leave the table due to a spell. Steven came into support of the elves with part of is cavalry, but the mumakil joined in.  Steven had a bad dicing day and quickly started to lose his cavalry units. Also Ronny, against the Harradine and the mumakil conceded heavy losses.

 On the other side, Adrien did send is sole cavalry unit on a suicide mission. The cavalry did destroy multiple goblin unis, including a mountain troll unit, put once their charge came to a standstill, the cavalry unit was surrounded and destroyed. While moving the biggest part of his units to the extreme left of his flank, Adrien, created a gap between his Gondorians and  the Rohan army.

 By now, the Uruk-hai had overcome the bad terrain and moved towards the gap and the tin line of the Gondorian right. In the centre, Geert disengaged from command to save his command from being broken. Steven followed up with his infantry, keeping the vulnerable skirmish units to the rear. On the good right, the Elves and Hobbits came into sight of their braking point, even the Goblin -Ent unit was destroyed. T

 he mumakil survived with a spell and the Elves army broken. Now unopposed, the mumakil went for the Rohan ballista, destroyed it and attacked the Rohan skirmish line. . With no reserves left, Steven faced no other option than retreat.

 Adrien was pushing back the Goblins on the far left, but now saw his rear threatened by the Uruk-hai. Unable to face these two armies had no other option than to beat a hasty retreat.

A clear Evil vistory.


  1. Great story to read again. Looks like you guys had a good time. Miniatures look even better then last time they went into combat.

  2. Part of the figures are from Luc. Great painter too.