Monday, 23 May 2016

Western Skirmish game: Gunfight at Dennerlee City

Phil Dutré, member of the Wargame club Schild & Vriend, did present a demo game of a rule he and his friend Bart Vetters fine-tuned over the years. It 's called, "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly".

Phil also brought beautifull scenery collected over the years.

It is a skirmish game for players controlling one figure, or when only a limited number of seasoned players attend , two or more figures can be controlled by one player.  It really is developed to use as a participation game at wargame shows.  Character, weaponry and mission are selected by picking a card from a huge deck. initiative with the highest die score, but depending on the character a different die can be used (from D4 up to D12)  A turn is split in two half turn, only one of the halve turns can be "shooting". Movement : 10cm per half turn.   Depending on the value of the character, (shooting, fighting, dodge, etc.) a die (D4 to D12) can be thrown, however the type of die is also corrected by some modifiers.  It is easier than it sounds, and a five minute intro was enough to start a game.

We played 3 games over 2 hours. Every game was great fun. This was certainly not the last time we played this. Something also we can try in 54mm! 
Bart Smet also already thinking about a 3 musketeers version with his 28mm figures. 

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