Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Indian Mutiny Game in 54mm

I recently ran an Indian Mutiny game using 54mm miniatures at my local club. I began collecting Indian Mutiny miniatures five years ago with a view to playing small skirmish games. Now I have over 100 figures per side, representing (I believe) almost all of the makers of Indian Mutiny figures, past and present. They are almost all metals. I used The Men Who Would Be Kings rules from Osprey which are my current favorite colonial rules. I tasked the British players with taking the Mutineer side of the town or breaking half the Mutineer units by the end of twelve turns. Otherwise, it's too easy for the British to stand back and blast away at the Mutineers with their superior, longer range weapons. It was a very close game, with the British routing seven out of thirteen Mutineer units on turn twelve. They only lost two of their ten units, but they were down to one or two men in three of their units.

I would like to also try the colonial variant of  About Napoleon. Is it available as a download?


  1. Sorry, of course I meant "About Bonaparte"

  2. Hi Nick, look like a splendid game. Would have loved to be there.

    We have on a number of occasions used the colonial extention of Abourt Bonparte:
    One battle, we did the Fereign Legion against desert nomads. The firepower was realy to much while the Arab players didn't mount a massive attack. Problem was the Legionairs could keep on firing.
    in our Zulu games, ammo was limited(6 turns, indicated with a die) and had to be replenished.

    these are the orriginal adaptations, without he ammo limit:
    Colonial wars ( Soudan, Zulu Wars French Foreign Legion)
    British infantry had by now superior weapons and training, leading to very high firepower and morale.
    This leads to the following modifications:
    • British infantry shoots with one die per figure and can shoot twice in each turn and ranges are doubled. Auxiliary troops with the same weapons shoot only once each turn.
    • British Units however are smaller: 4 figures in one unit, but all are Veteran.
    • Gatling guns have two gunners: 4 die up to 40 cm, 2 die up to 60cm.
    • Field artillery fires as medium canon, but ranges are doubled : 4 die up to 40cm, 3 up to 80cm, etc.
    • Their Irregular opponents always operate in attack column, but can have units of 5 or 6 stands. They ignore all flags of infantry fire unless the unit is halved.
    • Flags from artillery fire reduces their move distance the next turn by 10cm for each flag.
    • Their skirmish units operate under the original rule.

    I'll send you the pdf version.