Sunday, 22 July 2018

Trench Raid Game

I think all the northern European members must, wisely, be on their summer holidays, but being Americans, we never take vacations ;). Yesterday we played a WW1 trench raid game in 54mm. The very simple rules are in Wargames Illustrated Issue 235. Four players each had five miniatures, either British (defenders) or Germans ( raiders). The rules, as I said, are very beer and pretzels simple, but they do allow for exciting moments like being able to pick up a thrown hand grenade and tossing it back. The game moved along so quickly that we had time to play it twice, each time with very different results.



  1. Great scenario for a WW1 game, the explosions add greatly to the visual impact of the game, where do you get them from?

  2. Hi Brian, I bought the explosions on eBay and painted them myself. You can probably find them if the search for "resin explosions".
    In the rules, when you throw a grenade, you roll a D6 and the result is how many cards are turned over until it explodes. If the target player is lucky he can throw the grenade back before it explodes. The explosions in the photos show explosions that were thrown outside the trench.

    1. Thanks for that, I'll have a google for them, I have some old composition explosions made by Elastolin in the 1930's they are hard to find but work well, you can see them here:

      I subscribe to Wargames illustrated so i'll dig out this issue and give it a try.

  3. Adventures in a square meter I'd say. Must be great fun to wargame-play alongside some soulmates in this trench. Nick I've been lucky enough to find me the Britains set with Boer War Imperial Volunteers at affordable costs, at last. It should be in in a couple of days.