Monday, 3 September 2018

54mm Arnhem Game

I ran an Arnhem game using Bolt Action at Pacificon, our local end of summer game convention. I had been preparing for this game for almost a year, buying soldiers and vehicles and buying and painting foam houses. As usual with me, I was putting the finishing touches on the buildings the night before the game! There were four players on each side and the game moved fairly quickly. The British set up their eight sections and two anti tank guns in hidden positions and the Germans had the unenviable task of finding them, usually by triggering an ambush. The British held their own until the German tanks arrived on the table, after which they began demolishing buildings with High Explosive fire. Playing the game, one could see why infantry must hate urban warfare. Next Market Garden game will be the US Paratroops defending"Hell's Highway".


  1. fantastic scenery Nick, and nice painte figures too. I seems we are all in a WWII mood.

  2. Superb work! I You have done a great job on the scenery and figures! They are worth all the hard work! I look forward to Hells Highway! (Have you played the video game Brothers in Arms ''Hells Highway?''