Sunday, 12 May 2019

54mm battles : Napoleonics, ACW, WWII by Mark

I have received these pics from Mark (Musselle?) from the UK who is also a big 54mm fan.
His figures are fantastic in finishing and the scenery is superb.

His message:

Hi. I enjoy your blog and share the same passion for 54mm figures on a grand scale. I thought I would share some photos of my 54mm figures with you. Napoleonics are my main area of collecting and WW2 and ACW come in second.
About 90% of the figures are metal and of them all I have painted about 50/60% of them myself.
I hope you like them.
Thank you.



  1. What a great collection, thanks for sharing the pics with us.

  2. Wow, indeed! Are the buildings scratch built?

  3. Hi. Thank you for the positive comments. These photos are the fruits of years and years of collecting and i get great enjoyment from photographing them.
    Many of the figures i have painted myself. The buildings are scratch built, not by me alas but by a great guy who designed and built many of the war games buildings that were put out by companies like hovels. Also alas he has retired to Spain so no more buildings. The other buildings in some of the photos are from the Britains collection. The buildings are all buildings from the battle of waterloo. If you look carefully you can see several very recognisable ones such as Large Sainte Hay, belle alliance, houses from famous paintings with Prussian troops charging through. I was very lucky to get hold of them and they set off he figures beautifully.
    Thank you