Thursday, 6 February 2020

Jacobite Rebellion Painting Progress and a Question

I have begun to paint my new collection of the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745/46 plastic figures. Most of the Highlanders are Replicants, but I found six of the Cherilea Jacobites at (a great resource). The Highlanders are definitely Old School, but they have a certain charm. I made up the plaid, I think it's the MacStern clan. The English grenadier is a Charbens recast. Again, very Old School. I had to add a fair amount of painted on detail. Until LOD Enterprises re-releases the Barzso British infantry from the Last of the Mohicans range, I will use my AWI British for the line company figures. Considering I have 50 Highlander kilts to paint, it may take a while before I get this collection onto the game table.

 How would you treat mixed line and grenadier units? I am planning to use About Bonaparte for the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion. In that conflict, the British did not field converged battalions of grenadiers (and no light infantry yet), but instead divided the usually full strength, or over strength, grenadier company and placed half on each of the flanks. I am thinking about using a 12 figure unit with 8 line infantry and four grenadiers, two on each flank. But it could be real headache, giving them different abilities and keeping track of who becomes a casualty. I guess it depends whether you look at the units as companies or full battalions. Is it worth it or should I just field separate grenadier units, even though it's unhistorical? Do you recall how you dealt with this question in your club's 2012 Culloden game?


  1. I like the McStern tartan, Nick. There are Jacobites on my paintingtable too. Enthousiastic as I am with them, I started a PULP-type unit from conversed figures as well. The latter, all wearing that Scottish character as a tight suit.

  2. Hi Nick. Your tartan is very nice, above my standards. Wel done. Concerning the clan question. If i remember well, linking tartans to a specific clan came in later years. So I think there is no real need to look up the diferent clan paterns.

    Concerning line and grenadiers, keep it simple: as grenadiers are part of the line units, threat them as such. mix the line and grenadier figures in units of 8 figures( 2/6 ratio). For figure removal , as all batalions have the same mix , no need to make difference between a line or grenadier. You can put the genadier figures on (one of) the flanks.