Saturday, 15 February 2014

New Years game 02/02/2014 (part 2) France1814 campaign battle in 1/72, using "About bonaparte"

On the second table of  our New Years game day, we staged a 1814 campaign battle.
In 1814, France was loosing the war. Lost most of it's allies, it's resources exhausted, facing a huge coalition, and fighting on several fronts.  In the North of France, Napoleon Faced several armies of Prussians, Russians, Austrains, Swedes, etc..
Napoleon did win several battles, but couldn't afford the losses he took. As he couldn't be everyware at once, his subordinates lost some battles also. Outmaneuvered, Bonaparte lost the war when Paris fell.

Figures are from Geert
French players
Adrien on the left wing
Patrick Pots on the right
Allied players
Siegfried on the left, with the Austrians
Thomas in the centre with the Prussians
Kristof on the right with the Russian.

Every player had a mixture of infantry cavalry and artillery.
The French lost the battle. 
In the center and right, the French had a strong position and resisted the attacks untill the finals turns.
On the French left, the Russian heavy cavalry defeated the dragoons and turned the French flank.
The infantry took position in squares, but with the Russian an Prussian infantry closing in, they were doomed.

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