Saturday, 1 March 2014

November 1943 Tarawa campaign game

Patrick Van Den Brande and his son Siegfried prepared a Tarawa game, consisting of 2 parts:
First was a hide and seek game. The US fleet had to try to cross the field with as little as possible losses to be able to land in full strenght. If the fleet was spotted early enough, the Japanese would have the possibilty to prepare defenses for the second game part. Ronny as Japanese player, Siegfried and Dirk as US palyers. Patrick was the referee/gamemaster.

The US players had a decoy fleet with a carrier and cruiser to start the game. The carrier could launch 3 wildcats to seek Japanese reconnaissance airplanes. The Japanese had two reconnaissance airplanes and a submarine. The latter could only be spotted by airplanes and ships from 3 squares distance

The game started with the Wildcats going in the air.
Ronny, the Japanese player had placed his plaines and sub on the field. The Aichi were quickly spotted
 However, one spotted the entire fleet, radiod his findings but was shot out of the air by the AA of a cruiser. The second Aishi had the luck to evade by leaving the field.

The sub was spotted by the Wildcats and the cruiser of the decoy fleet attacked.  The sub survived and on his turn sunck the cruiser with torpedoes.

A P38 of the second carrier succesfully bombed the submarine .

 The fleet could go on to Tarawa with no losses to the landing force.

Second part of the game:  First wave closing in.

The jungle with the Japanese waiting

              Close the beaches and comming ashore: no opposition waiting.

                                                The Marines almost on the beach.

And in the jungle. Ronny had dispursed his troops resulting in to limited firepower against the wave of marines.

The marines were closing in on the airfield.

Artillery fire proved to be deadly for the tanks: two Shermans and a Stuart destroyed. But is was only a slowing down of the advance.

Reinforcements in the second and third wave were to much for the Japanese to withstand.


  1. This reconstruction is already beautiful to see, I guess to play it!
    What rules did you apply? Perhaps there is already ready a new About ?
    Congratulations again, I love the story also cruel of the war in the Pacific, although the Napoleonic is for me like a jealous wife, once I have chosen the period, the toy soldiers have drowned me, but, at least in my heart, WWII has a great space and these photos have drawn all the passion.
    Well done all.

  2. The air battle system is very simple and somthing we lready used for some years now.
    The landing and fights in the jungle were an experimental rule from my friend Patrick.
    Soon some pics of "work in progress"