Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Hello, My name is Peter

Dear people, 
As a new member, I would naturally like to show you some of my work. Though I do not have much in 1/32 still below an example. This soldier, 
I recently painted, is a French soldier just after the revolution. My major interest is the battle in Russia (scale 1/72). Soon I will show you some of that.




  1. These voltigeur figures will become very handy in any French Napoleonic engagement in the near future, Peter (or should we call you Pjotr? taking your preferred period during Bonaparte's campaigning, into account!). Compliments on the detailing and the sturdy groundwork. This is not a guy, easily to be knocked over. Looks like a firm dice-hand is needed here.

  2. My compliments, Peter,
    this piece is one of the best of Italeri production, leader of my Country, and thou hast given him energy and expressive power, really good!
    Now I expect to see soon your 1/72, maybe of the Russian Campaign that is making me crazy too!
    Ancora bravo,

    1. Best Massimo, do you have any clue on future releases of Italeri in their Historics line (1:32) ? Hat has their own blog where they announce their plans, even accept hints from potential buyers. I know no such site for Italeri.


  3. Sorry Marcel, I do not see many new to us in immediate future, in these years the Italeri is not as propositive, maybe it's because of the crisis.
    You can see at:
    Good Luck!

  4. Dear all,
    In the late 90s when I starte wargaming, I did send an e-mail to Italeri poiting out there did not exist Napoleonic Austrians in 1/32.
    Received a gentil response stating it was not in the planning.. A few years later they were on the market. Deep inside, I hope it was my mail that triggert it.
    Sending e-mails could convince Italeri there is a market again for 1/32 figures.
    I wouldn't harm to try so this is the email from the site :

    I think there are still enough soldier types that haven't been made in 1/32, or resisueing would be welcome to.
    What i see for the moment is that there were never decent hoplites made, or psiloi cavalry etc, or their Persian counterparts.
    On Napoleonic figures Russian/Austrian/Wurtenberg/Bavarian cavalry and artillery are still never been seen, nor any Ottoman figures for the period.

    So why not try.


  5. Yes, I think Dirk is right. To have a firm knowing there are people out there waiting for new - or even recasts, can not do any harm.
    Checking Massimo's hint in the Italeri pages showed me that NO 1/32 plans whatsoever are to be expected in the future from them. Very disappointing that is. The latest series of Austrians are (a bit large) awesome. Cavalry sets that are just outriding or even at rest, waiting for orders (see the Perry twins Napoleonic 28mm's, with great examples of that!) something else but a charge. Poses like in the Italeri staff sets. Yeah, would be nice!


  6. Sorry Dirk,
    but this is not the time for cautious optimism, the news of the difficulties dell'Italeri
    rotate in the environment for several years and I wish that this had not foundation also because their editions in 1/32 have always been successful, but the reality is that I do not see a Napoleonic Italeri of a long time, too.
    Even the Hat has in his catalogue, Napoleonic Austrians and Spanish in 54mm, but still they do not come out, even though I believe that the sets above are appreciated and sold (I hope, I buy them).
    I also sent my letters from young to my favorite manufacturers, editors, and so on,
    sometimes I could find in their stores, books and magazines exhausted or lost material, and I remember that period with affection, but the current situation in Italy is very different from those years.
    For Marcel, this is the site of my italian shop, you can find some of the last available sets of Napoleonic soldiers and no, can see if there's something that interests you. The retailer is one of the least expensive in my country and do ship all over the world.
    I hope I have not shattered your illusions but Lucca Comics & Games has given in past annual editions precise signals for both the world of miniatures and the world of wargames (the soldier in 54mm is not even considered ...) and there are not positive signs .
    A pessimist Massimo.

  7. Hi Massimo, Indeed, for those firms, the future for 1/32 does not seem to be bright. But pessimism cannot be a reason to do nothing. Even if the chance of success is small we can always believe in the possibility of a good result (made the About Bonaparte rule notwithstanding pissimistic comments al the way) .
    Of course, there are other firms still producing Napoleonic and 7YW figures. AIP for instance ( Or Victrix (the latter has not done much in 54mm the last 2 years unfortunately) contact page . For Hät: or the blog
    The cautious optimist

  8. Hi Dirk, I do nothing?
    Strange, I just have to paint six or seven hundred soldiers, and then, as the latest news, I have to do it again a hundred and fifty infantry bases, not bad for a slacker.
    For brands that continue to produce, I would have many objections on the production of the AIP, I would close an eye on some cavalry and artillery but not on the infantry that I use only for emergencies ...
    The Victrix is ​​a beautiful production, but it does not seem so convinced saw the slowness of the outputs, then, I am afraid that we will end up with yet another series of French and English without any significant developments. Forgive me if I am a realist but I promise I will change ... after painting at least another hundred toy soldiers and have conquer the italian market with Avanti con Bonaparte!
    An inspired pessimistic

  9. Hi Massimo. Sorry for the misinderstanding. I 'm not saying you are doing nothing. I mean, even being pessimist, it is no reason for not contacting the firms requesting 54mm productions, sending them idea's. I was certainly not referring to your paiting. On that part your are an inspiration. Indeed AIP are not the most beautifull figures certainly compared to Italeri or the latest Hät.
    By sending mails to all these firms, we can hope for the best, expecting the worst.
    A cautious optimist.

  10. Hello again!,
    Sorry really for misanderstanding, I had forgotten that from the script you do not see the ironic tone and the joke in the phrase, mine was also a fun way to let you know that I started doing the stands again for everything I can, for to play the best with your rules. I understand and agree always hope to see new figures (although I have a lot to catch up, as the Mokarex for example), the toy soldiers are a great love of my life and I share all your passion for the game and collecting ( and 54mm).
    then, like you, I think the worst and hope for the better.
    By the way, what happened to Peter?
    A whole discussion and he even made ​​itself felt!
    By, Massimo