Sunday, 6 April 2014

Testing "Modern warfare" rule

A pacific battle. Americans with 3X the numberr ogf the Japanse. Tanks of the Japanese are also light tanks. 

 The concrete bunker proved to be a hard nut

 The machine gun in the wood/ground bunker kept firing and wiped out an infantry unit.
 A the end, numbers always count : the Japanese lines were overrun, but not without sustaining casualties.
To quickly going into close combat by the Japanese leaving the cover of the trenches speeded their doom.


  1. Dear Dirk,
    How to join this site? I'm a Friend of Marcel that often use this site for a few month. My preference is 1/72 Napoleonic era. Because I want to start soon (by Marcel) with your game rules, I would love to share my pictures and battle stories with you.
    I like to hear from you.
    Peter van der Waal

  2. Dag Peter,
    Kan je je mail adres doorsturen naar Dan kan ik de uitnodiging doorsturen.
    In elk geval welkom.