Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Mobilise, mobilise!

 Await the storm overnight!  

With the clock ticking away the weeks, days, hours and seconds the moment of inevitable disaster comes nearer in every breath take.
For weeks we are alarmed by massive troop concentrations along our beloved borders. Preparations for a vast council of negotiation have been taken care of. In a case of escalation this will immediately come into registration as an active council of war. Let the potentials be aware of this. 

An upcoming Napoleonic ABOUT BONAPARTE campaign is stirring up the personalities involved.
Where, who will strike first remains to be seen. Players are supplied with their first preliminary intelligence, strictly concerning their own dispositions, so far. Possibly fresh troops are prepared for battle, old ones getting a minor paint touch-up or a restored basing. I've just brought down some useful stuff and rounded up some friends for the ammo feeding. We're set to go!


Alle betrokkenen veel succes! Bon chance a tout! All players, good luck! Viel Glück Freunden!

"Noem mij Dubbeltronie. Scheld mij uit. Spuug op me. Acht me als rotte vis. Zeg me in mijn gezicht dat ik een pest ben voor de mensheid. Vertel me dat ik van alle Goden het meest gehaat word. Dat mijn naam stinkt naar bloed en ontbinding. Ik lach erom."

Ares: de lijkenmaker

(Dros, Imme, ILIOS, het verhaal van de Trojaanse Oorlog, 1999, Amsterdam/Antwerpen, Querido's Uitgeverij b.v.)

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