Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Painting my castle

Recently I bought a ''Noch'' castle . (scale 1/72 ) . 

The paintjob did not look natural. Because I want my front to look as realistic as possible, 
I decided to adapt the castle.

First I painted the castle all black as a base layer. Then I painted the stones with gray and ochre with an almost dry brush.

The castle would come on this plate. My front consists several plates of about 70 x 70 centimeters. These plates can change places so that I have several options for scenarios.

The last operations of the castle; I painted the stones red-brown and I washed it with diluted black paint . 

After placing the castle on the plate I could start with the environment. Placing trees, extra stones and debris from the collapsed walls .


The plate and castle are ready for my front.


  1. Schitterend werk Peter. Je mag met rede trots zijn!

  2. I guess 'Noch' would like to have a good picture of this in their catalogue. F(peeeeeeeep).. awesome! Chapeau. Or as they say in Vladiwostoc: Мы можем бросить захватывающий попойку там, брат мой! ;-))

  3. Bedankt Dirk voor je complimenten. Ik hoop je spoedig meer te laten zien van mijn gehele front.
    14 juni a.s. hebben ik hier in Eindhoven een Wargame dag samen met Marcel. Uiteraard maken we dan gebruik van jouw
    spelregels. Scenario; ''Invasie van Russen en Engelsen troepen n Noord Holland'' bij Bergen. Ongetwijfeld maken we dan vele foto's voor op het Blog.

    Marcel; Почему? Вы можете видеть, что мы пили? Мы по-прежнему прямо супер? ;-))

  4. I suggested the cellars of Peter's fortification/stronghold suitable for an old fashioned beer intake (considering the weather in the Netherlands at the moment). Where he, answering, points me out I have all the choice in the world of drinks, once behind the battle table, shuffling the figures and dice around (and wiping away the bitter tears of defeat or the sweet ones of a brilliant success). Nostrovja!