Saturday, 16 August 2014

A Replicant for President!

Oops, they sure got the looks!

We all know the feeling, the smell of plastic and the sensation of (new) figures in mass. Year ago the 54mm figures of the Replicants firm caught my eyes and never let go again. Quite on the high end of pricing I never could bring myself to order them up into the amount I wanted to own them. But shortly after I met PMCD last year November (and laid eyes on their commonly owned array of figures) I could not resist anymore: I partially sold an obsolete wing of my 54mm figs. saved the revenues and blew that eventually on some of my all time favorites in the Replicants assortment (for as far as available).

I ordered the little men from Steve Weston in the UK. He has Replicants on a steady base and is in close and direct contact with the production of the figurines. Figures ordered in the USA (eBay) are mostly twice or tripled in what has to be paid for them. Steve's figures come in nice tagged seal bags.

Even unpainted but in numbers the lot looks so much animated and full of a story. I've put down a mixture of Robin Hood characters, ECW, Scottish, Rangers and others for this series. And though there are historical discrepancy's as a whole, it looks pretty awesome, as is in movement.

If preferred, Replicants plastic is very paintable. A former article in this blog by our Italian friend Massimo, shows his procedure ('Never lower your guard': 24-04-14) and skills on the Napoleonic veterans (a grenadier engineer).  

As Replicants figures are not all the exact same size, they mix in with lots of other brands. Overall this gives the observer a very natural impression. Large characters (like Little John) stand out as intended (see 4th picture from here, him (in green) slaying some Britsh grenadiers line).

In time I want to get hold of a Replicants King Charles figure. Lots of situations he can be useful. Not in the least as a runner for my Replicants President vacancy. REPLICANTS for PRESIDENT!


  1. Did also use a lot of them for my ECW/Marston Moor project. (see the blog:
    Also the Cossacks and the Austrian cavalry made their way into my Napoleonic 54mm armies.

  2. Hello Marcel,
    I completely agree, the replicants are exceptional and in a few months I have to recover some toy soldiers for my ACW. Too bad that they tend to run out too easily (see the Austrians that can only be found at the Hobby Bunker USA). Soon I have to paint the Cossacks of this brand, for my Napoleonic campaigns in Russia and I think I'll enjoy a lot,
    but of course, you will see everything in my next posts ...
    A presto