Saturday, 23 August 2014

Pour le Merite : WWI airfights

Patrick did find a rule for WWI air combat for playing on an hex field and maneuvering with Wings of War system of  selecting 3 manoeuvre cards .
Firing only straight forward.
5 D6 for one hex distance, 4 D6 at 2 hex away, etc.
A hit is scored on 4,5,and 6. 
The plane can have 6 hits before going down.
At 4 hits it can leave the field.

We did play 3 games,taking between 20 and 30 minutes each.
First game and third game; the Red Baron wins.
Second game was a two vs two.
Both German planes were shot dawn and only one French plane survived.


  1. Yes, nice work. What scale are the planes used? I have a boxed version (basic game) of Wings of War that still has some unclarities for me (in the rules). The models look great. Is it possible to send the planes of one side in the air with a mission? or is it a mere dogfight from beginning to end. Or to put it different: can you win the game by other means than downing opposite birds?

  2. It was just a test of a free rule found on the internet (Patrick found it, don't know the name actually). As it was a first tuime run, it was only the basic things that were tested. Missions is something that will come, as it was a fun game.

  3. Nice idea. You might use an aerial view of france with (portable) airports or home bases. The game can have situations such as the refusal of the mitraileur or engine problems. It can be quite extensive with orders for bombing factories or attack zeplins.