Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Battle of Hattin Saturday, July 4, 1187 - testgame October 26th - De Pinte

Preparing the amries took most of the afternoon .
We only had 1.5 hours left to test the game. 

Table overview, on the left, the Horns of Hattin. 
On the far left, the units of Ibelin, with the knights of St John attacking the army of Salladin.
 The 2nd knights unit of Balian d' Ibelin charges saracene bowmen.
 The light cavalry of Count Raymond III of Tripoli try to force a passage trough the army of
Al-Muzaffar Taqi al-Din Umar
 Then the count sends his knights forward. But neglected the flancs.
Salladins units charged the infantry, breaking 3 units. With the light cavalry destroyed soon afwards
the amry of the count was on breaking point. With his bownmen unit soon following his army's morale was broken.  End of the game.


  1. Oh, these Latin knights and horses are painted so awfully appealing! Compliments. Is there (from the crusaders point of view) a statistical chance for even a draw, here? Overall a top job, gentlemen. A great appetizer for the upcoming weekend.

  2. The knights proved (as historical) to be very strong while perfoming a charge with a breakthrough. In the game unfortunately the dicing was not favourable. As we will downsize the number of cavalry on the Saracene side, chances are always there, but the situation remains ufavourable for the Crusaders.

  3. We'll see then what lies ahead for the Franks. It seems that the gender of the horses used during crusader age battles varied between the opposing forces (mares versus steeds). I do not know who used what? but we can try to 'greenstuff' some extra equipment on the chevals!? And 'eh… does the painter of these knights take commissions? ;-))

  4. Congratulations!
    Once again a great view and a battle far from obvious.
    Impressive even the painting of the pieces, your participation in the Crisis will be really a success!

  5. and it wil be an internatioanl event. A Dutch/Belgian project!