Thursday, 9 October 2014

Hattin Project: Frankish Footmen (completed unit)

Barony of Ibelin

We all know the Kingdom of Heaven movie where the main character Balian becomes the new 'Baron of Ibelin'. In the movie he never left Jerusalem as in fact he fought alongside most of the Outremer garrison, at the Horns of Hattin. Balian d'Ibelin was with his few knights and footmen in the Christian rearguard. The movie invented a good 'coat of arms' for them. Below I've used historical sources.

Recently I've obtained a fair amount (50) of real Timpo knight figures that were already in sort of 'played with' condition. Some already a bit messy, some partially painted, some intact. One of my latest conversion jobs (the Timpo Action Pack Arabs, turned into Saladin's North African Tribals) learned me, that the lower part of these arabs very much resembles a Frankish footman too. So there's the challenge.

Left figure is a basic 3rd generation Timpo swoppet crusader. Headgear; top chop and a new 8th army British helmet (desert rats!, so geographically not far from home) from Airfix series. Spurs cut off. Leather gloves painted. Mainly a paint job actually.

Right figure this AP Arab was first scalped (had a turban) and got a new mail top from his mate on his right hand side. (Tip: the removed turban can be used on the desert rat who donated the flat helmet; he'll end up as a long range desert group man, that way). With a hot wire I made the rest of the mail from top to shoulders where it meets the scarf. Arab dagger was cut away clean with razor knife. Arms both from again my latest Timpo knights 'scrapheap'. All over paint job.

Scenic material in the background is a repainted plastic BIG (Jean Hoefler again!) castle. These go very cheap in garage sales and on the Dutch site. But the walls, gates and towers can be turned into fine scenery pieces.

More work was done on this unit to make it useful in de rule set 'About Ceasar'. Regular units make out eight figures at 2 per 'stand' (1 per 'half' stand). I tried to find a 11th 12th century correct mix of figures.

(ABOVE) Front and back side of the complete unit. Notice the mix of equipment and the unity in Coat of Arms. Various shield designs within the same theme in the colors of Ibelin.

(BELOW) A captain of Ibelin. Typically Norman based outfit, full chain mail.

(ABOVE) A section of the latest recruits. The figures used were more Timpo action pack Arabs, Timpo swoppet knights, Reamsa and Jecsan (both Spanish firms) a single Cresent crusader and one figure (with leather headgear & ax) unknown to me. Acrylic paints used. Bases covered in coarse sand, paint and pads with mixed flocking.


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