Monday, 15 December 2014

Amnesty for Lost Legionairs, Johnny Reb's and Yanks!

Between Algiers and Fort Zinderneuf

Since we know that these blog messages are read by figurofoob people only, I have a request to you.

At this moment I'm searching for obsolete figures from 1/72 foreign legion sets and American civil war sets.

Obsolete can be loose figs, painted figs, without boxes figs, partly damaged figs, all brands if 1/72!
Below are some examples of possible original packages/boxes. Boxes are NOT needed. I just want Foreign Legion figs. and ACW figs.

 Playsets contain opposing armies + a building (here: a desert fortress). Remains of these are welcome too!

'Voila, le boudin'

Contact me: -Beau Geste- by personal mail or through the comment here below!

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  1. It's the 4th of January 2015. I now bout in about 70 FFL 20mm's figures. All old school Airfix. Can use more. Please clean out your drawers and boxes? Offers by pm please.