Saturday, 13 December 2014

Pirates game in 54mm . Lt Hornblower vs the Spanish

The game was actually a raid of English marines and sailors on a Spanish harbour somewhere in the West-Indies.

The houses and a storehouse.

 The gouvernor house 
 Spanish sailors 

 The English sailors closing in.

 Lt Hornblower and the marines forming a firing line.

 Musketry exchange from the ships
The 1st version proved to be to deadly in firing. The marines were knocked out before coming close to the buildings. Also movement rates should be raised.


  1. The wooden pirate ship(s)? Are they custom made… Is a single photo of that possible. I've collected several neglected playmobil vessels. They supply good bodywork and nice looking accessories. The small (rowing)boats, that were made in at least two variants, are equally well spend money. My most enjoyable vessel is a paper whaling boat (sloop type of thing). I found a reasonable drawing of it on the internet and produced that from sturdy paper, 'gooped' it with white glue. Very handsome piece now. My Facebook page: The Batavian: painted toy soldiers

  2. The wooden ships are made by my father in law. He worked as a cabinet-maker. I made drawings and he made the ships.

  3. They are really appealing Dirk and offer a lot of space for miniatures. The deck guns are by his hand too? This calls for a (see following link) scenario.