Sunday, 30 August 2015

Once there was a windmill...

A month ago a friend known on one of the most important Italian forum for collectors and painters of toy soldiers in 1/72, 28 and 54mm, decided to give me a beautiful windmill of the 19th century.
Taken from a painting by Ernest Crofts, this building homebuilt not only magnificent but, for me, totally unexpected, it was a gift more than welcome, motivated by estimates that a person, who perhaps never meet, has proven to me that way.So changed human relationships thanks to the Internet, and we all know something of this evolution ...

My first piece.
This is the windmill on the battlefield of Ligny

This the version of Ivan Giuseppe Rodighiero, for me...only for me.

The idea was therefore to reciprocate the gift in some way, so I decided to paint a new team of officers to start my second brigade and open as it should the mill. I started with the staff Italeri Napoleon for the first piece.

For staff, my second is a figure of my forum friend "Beppe" Rodighiero, alias Rodighier the brave Voltigeur.

Destined to rule a light battalion, the next official is a voltigeur but signed this time by the Hat.

First staff of my  French officiers.

Group on the battlefield.

Beginning of new campaign versus Prussian Army.

My staff is not finished yet, I am still painting and two other men are at the finish line.

A little preview.

Other two Italeri, one on horseback and an aide de camp are in line, but that's another story ...
Dutiful greetings to all, with special regard to Dirk, Marcel and Stan.
Thanks for your encouragement!


  1. Splendid job again, Massimo. I would love to own an officer that's been painted by you in my collection of playable toy soldiers. I surely wished I had your painting skills and -nerves. My friend Stan has told me of your organized meeting in Waterloo. That must have been nice, A pity I was not in the position to be there too. A windmill is a very useful terrain piece. To build a 54mm version like this 18th cent. rural one is one of the things I am looking forward to. I've build several 28/28 mm Peninsular ones (still own one of 'em). Thanks for the contribution again. A real 'Italian Job'!

    1. Marcel thank you very much for your appreciation always welcome,
      I have not heard Stan for the photos I sent him after my Waterloo Tour and I hope that he has received my pics as I hope you enjoyed my little gift from city of Lucca. It is not impossible that one of my officers decides one day to transfer himself to Holland, to command one of your unit but, for now, I have been overwhelmed by the impressions of Waterloo and I must to continue painting toy soldiers for close two regiments of Russians Army for finally play with all my units. After, we can see the you believe in Santa Claus?
      The windmill is a magnific building and I am very lucky for the friends I have found over the years thanks to the Net.
      I am very pleased to be joined to people all over the world for a passion like wargame and figures in 54mm. This is a great engine for go again in new storic adventures, for baldly go where no all are gone before!

  2. Massimo, if I can build you something as a terrain piece, in return, that would be no problem at all. It would be my pleasure. I'll ask Grenadier H**rkens (Stan) for the things you mentioned. Buono a sentire da voi . Amo questo hobby troppo . Ciao!