Thursday, 11 August 2016

Preparing Crisis Antwerp "The Good, the bad & the Ugly" skirmish shootout in 54mm

Based on the rules used by Schild & Vriend , and with a combined effort with Phil and Bart of this club, we will bring a  particpation game at Crisis Antwerp 2016 of the TSOA club.

These figures will be present (still needing some finishing, in different stages)

The Good

The Bad

The Ugly

the dying

The Earl Brothers & Doc Holliday

The Jesse James gang

Pinkerton detectives

Bounty hunters


The Dalton Brothers

Luky Luke

and many others


  1. The amount of work you've put into it again, is astonishing Dirk. I especially like the figures directly diverted from famous movies and the comic books! In my humble opinion there should be a 'Woody' character (from Toy Story) too. On the other hand he looks much alike Mr. Luke. I guess (famous) dogs do not fit into the rules ;-)) otherwise I'd suggest: Rataplan, Lassie and others. What do you wish for from here on? Some coaches and wagons (in working order or broken down), more shootists, townsfolk?

  2. Great figures, they really evoke the wild west atmosphere as we know it from the movies.