Monday, 22 August 2016

Test game 54mm Wild West Skirmish, with "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly " wargame rule

A Oehme & Söhne Wild West village as scene for our Wild West skirmish game with the "The Good, Teh Bad and The Ugly" Western rule from Schild & Vriend.
6 Players and 1.5 hours game. As we started very late, and every one was very prudent, the game took too long to have a final winner. 3 Shootists were down, 3 still standing, and it was them 3 who had to leave. 


  1. Wow, really looks great! I didn't know you had so much houses and scenery. This looks promising for CRISIS!

  2. Well... 12 buildings, including the chuch are mine, the other are from Ronny. It is only a small part of the houses he has (really only a very small part), and also Steven , who was not present, has many more houses. I think the 3 together can fill the 4m on 2m table... I have added also a number of barrels in the scenery. The farm animals are mine too. Ronny could bring a railroad, and train as scenery.

  3. Looking very good, this Western town. I would add at least one wind wind pumped water well (playmobyl had a perfect one, the 6214). A waterreservoir, especially when the train is used) can be supplementary (Playmobil 6215). Even nicer to build the both to fit in the wood style you guys use now successfully. Compliments again.