Monday, 3 October 2016

10 years ago - Crisis Antwerp 2006 (2)

Some pics of other tables


  1. He! Thats me (ten years younger)! The most left reenactor in the white 3rd Regiment of Foot Grenadiers of the (Napoleonic) Imperial Guard. We just started off this club then. Nice to see this picture here. I remember it well. It was in a conference centre near kinopolis cinema's.

  2. Sure it's me. We were very much into the process of getting our uniforms together. Buying the correct materials, and getting it made (lots hand sewn) by someone who understood our needs for authenticity. What you see here is what we had then: a 'bonnet the police' headgear, grey woolen 'pantalon de route' grey woolen every day gaiters 'guetres', linnen blouses, a necktie and a 'veste sans manches'. For equipment we only had our 'sabre briquette' with it's baudrier. We visited CRISIS for two reasons. To feed our needs in wargaming figures and to promote our Les Grenadiers Hollandais initiative.