Tuesday, 4 October 2016

New 1/32 Austrians set at Hät through crowdfunding

Hät will be making 1/32 marching Austrians by crowdfunding through pre-orders.
if there are not enough pre-orders, the prject wimm be canceled.

So to support the 1/32 go for it!

You can find al info through the link.


to give an idea:
Each set will consist of 18 figures each with a backpack. They will try to fit as many pieces of headgear per sprue, with a minimum of 6 pieces of headgear. At this moment, our design is for 3 helmets, 2 shakos and 1 bearskin. The colors of the sprues are to be creamy white to reflect the white uniform of the Austrians but other colours are possible. Since you are crowd funding this, they will accept suggestions on the make-up of the set (which two poses to duplicate and the makeup of the headgear.

Estimate of costs:
No boxes, 3 sprues per set
1-4 sets: USD15.00 each set
5-9 sets: USD14.50 each set
10 sets or more: USD14.00 each set
Shipping (regardless of the number of sets)
To US address: $5.01
To UK address: $5.01
To EU address: $5.01

So 2  sets would mean  4 battalions for About Bonaparte, with 2 Hungarian battalions  being of 10 figures (large battalions) instead of the usual 8 figures.

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