Friday, 29 May 2020

"About Bonaparte" game by David Lycett

I met David Lycett on Facebook where he posted a photo of the chariot of Darius III : link 
and a great unit of   Iphicratian Hoplites based for "About Caesar": link
He also uses the "About Bonaparte"  and also "About Cromwell", for which I'm truely honoured.

This is an "About Bonaparte" game.

David's figures are a joy to look at.

David : "Of course you can use the photos on your blog. I'm quite flattered thst you want to use them. And It's a great way to demonstrate the use of your rules and unit organisations.
The movement trays/sabots are great for moving the whole units and keep them safe.
I use those Really Useful Boxes, put metallic paper on the bottom of them, then put metal paper underneath the sabots and this helps with keeping the figures safe and handy for transport.

Both games went more or less the same way. At the beginning of the games, my cavalry did brilliant work against the enemy, only to be defeated and routed later in the game.
My infantry also stood up well to begin with, only to be overwhelmed by the end of the game - I lost both games!!!!!!!!
But they were great fun, so That's all that matters!"

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  1. What beautifully painted troops! I would be ashamed to put my Napoleonic figures on the same table as yours.