Saturday, 9 May 2020

Campaigns of Montrose in 54mm

In the 90ties, I came across the Call to Arms figures of the ECW which started a fascination for the period.  I was intrigued by the lack of Scottish Covenanters and started to make figures with silicone moulds and resin based on converted metal figures.  I did find some highlander figures also and did read about the incredible campaigns of Montrose. Playing on the wargame table these battles was something I would do some day. 
With some modifications to our About Bonaparte rule, and having highlanders, and covenanters that could also figure in that role they first saw action in a Culloden game in 2012:
But for playing ECW,  I first had to create a rule for the period, and started with a very ambitious plan: doing Marston Moor at Crisis 2013 in Antwerp. Made a separate blog for this:
I had to paint a lot of figures, and make a lot of conversions.
I succeeded in having everything ready for November 2013, but it had been a bit to much. 
After the convention in Ghent, I needed a break and the interest in the period was lost for some time.

Then Nick ask my about the Highlander figures. looking on the internet, I did find some more figures at Replicants I didn't have and bought me some. Painted  (converted one to a flag bearer) them along with a pair of resin figures I still had to paint. Also the Campaigns of Montrose came back into view and now I have the plan to play the battle of Kilsyth. The biggest battle of the serie.

The Replicants figures.

The converted flag bearer.

The Highlanders

The Covenanter muketiers and standard bearers.
To see the pikemen and cavalry, take a look at the Marstons Moor blog

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  1. Always great to re-start an old project. All the best with bringing it to fruition.