Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Getting My Jacobites onto the Game Table - Finally!

 Sunday, I played my first game of Jacobite Rising published by Compass games. It resembles Commands & Colors Tricorne which covers the AWI, but it is a stand alone game and has its own unique feel. I played the Battle of Falkirk which is broken into two phases; I played the first phase. The game starts with the Government cavalry and the Highland infantry within attack distance of each other. I played the Government side  and I got the first card, so I attacked the Highlanders to my front. The Highlanders held off the attack, pushed back the cavalry and then followed up with a charge - very historical! From then on the Government fought a defensive battle but the outcome was never in doubt. We made a few mistakes in rules interpretations, as one does the first time with a new game. If anything the outcome would have been bloodier and more decisive. I was especially happy to get my Highlanders onto the table after month of painting tartans. The Lowlanders are AWI Minutemen and the mass of Government infantry are AWI redcoats. I plan to gradually replace them with Replicants Culloden British.


  1. Love this game, Nick! Hexes or grids can really pull a game with 54s together sometimes!

  2. That is a grand looking game, the soldiers are top class.

  3. Great looking collection, well worth all the effort of painting those tartans.

  4. Great looking game and figures Nick. Looking forward to see more.