Saturday, 31 October 2020

Second Indian Mutiny Game Using The Men Who Would Be Kings

 Another Indian Mutiny game from the Colonial Campaigns TMWWBK scenario book. My friend in Tucson Arizona and I played the Hindoo Rao's House game remotely from my living room. For the second time, the scenario book delivered an historical outcome. The forces began evenly matched with the British holding defenses on Delhi Ridge and the Mutineers poised to attack from the ruined village of Sabzi Mandi. My Mutineers began their attack in good order, but soon began to receive pins from the three British artillery pieces. Mutineer artillery replied and began to cause causalities among the defenders who decided to go onto the offensive and came out of their barricades. There were some heavy exchanges of small arms fire between the Ridge and the village. The Guides attempted to break into the Mutineer building that anchored their right flank and nearly succeeded. On the third turn, the British reinforcement force arrived in the shape of a unit of Punjab irregular rifles and a horse artillery gun and it made straight for the Mutineer left flank. On turn six, combined Mutineer casualties caused them to take a general rally check at -2 and that resulted in two routed units and two additional pinned units at which point we called the game. I, as the Mutineer commander could have placed my four pieces of artillery more efficiently, and could have concentrated my infantry attacks more efficiently too, so I think the scenario was well balanced. I am looking forward to trying another scenario soon.



  1. Again a great exotic game Nick! Congrats!

  2. Thanks, Dirk! What are your Belgian wargame buddies up to? Remote games have been a real boon since the COVID 19 pandemic, allowing me to play with friends all over the US and Ireland as well.

    1. Hi Nick. I have been up to not much these days. The pandemic is out of controle over here. With my cancer history, I'm am doubble prudent. The only thing in wargame these days is a campaign by mail I participate in from another club nearby :

      Battles are done on table, movements as syad by mail to a referee. I have done two tabletop games, lost both, but my side is doing ok, as most other encounters were wonne. It's a blitzkrieg campaign (historic tank battle in Belgium 1940) and I'm the German General in chief, fighting French and British forces (hostically no British forces in the battle). But the last encouner of part of my forces were played by someone else due to being carefull with COVID. My forces wiped out a British company with AT guns.

      Have you ever tried campaigns by mail? I think you have enough figures to mount an Indian Munitny campaign. I can help making the scenario, or as the campaign referee or campaign player. If you 're interested just give a sign.

      I have been busy with another project. As cancer has hit my family hard these last years, I have a project to use a cycling game I designed 20+years ago to get it published again and sold to benefit "Kom Op Tegen Kanker", an organisation that funds the battle against cancer. Busy now to find firms that would sponsor he project. Cycling is big in Flanders, so I have good hopes.

  3. Another terrific looking game Nick, your scenery is stunning.

  4. What a marvellous game. Beautiful figures and terrain.
    Regards, James

  5. Thanks for all the kind words! Dirk, I would be interested in trying out a PBM game. It sounds very Old School, and that appeals to me!