Friday, 19 February 2021

Fodder, drinks and ball....

 In my latest posting I threw a ‘WANTED’ cry into the world. Here I repeat the exercise if for different matter. Diving into the subculture of plastic 54mm Northwest Frontier the Gunga Din movie was brought out into the sunlight once again. And several new desires sprouted from that. Gazing at contributions of Nick, I suddenly found him in one of his scenarios:

Wanted! GUNGA DIN the waterbearer, a ‘bhisti‘ but preferred to be named: bugler.

Produced by Conte, years ago, in their Northwest Frontier theme, metal (I presume).

Wanted! Screwgun carrying elephant with mahut 

Above elephant with watertank, or gatling is just as welcome.

Last question(s) for now; what figures you do fellows suggest for the Thugs AND for the native troops under command of the main characters in the gunga din movie (they are uniformly dressed in some sort of white loincloth and now and then wear the crossbelt and equipment, bare-chested).


  1. Armies in Plastic has four sets of figures that might help. They have Dervish Ansars, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Mahdist Riflemen, and mounted Dervishes. Some of these figures may fit your requirements.

  2. For the elephants I’d be on the lookout for suitable toys. The old Britains zoo range included a suitable beast.

  3. Thanks gents, I’ll look into those. A firm where they have Indian mahuds (elephant riders)?

  4. It might also be worth checking out Dorset Toy Soldiers - now in the capable hands of Mike Lewis.